Become A Mindful Life Optimization Professional, MLOP


Despite living in an era where learning and education is at our fingertips and Mindful conscious living has gained immense grounds, three issues remain unresolved.

Dissatisfaction: Human dissatisfaction remains unresolved, causing more problems. All of our advancements in knowledge, science, medicine, psychology, culture, religion, philosophy, art, and social reform have not been able to solve the issues of biases, inequality, identity crisis, stress, worry, and general unhappiness that humanity is facing. We are not properly programmed to understand life and lack many skills to live an integrated happy life.

Side Effects: This unskillfulness has caused tremendous side effects and environmental issues that are not only detrimental for the planet, but also continue perpetuating anxiety and unhappiness. We continue to be traumatized and cause trauma worsened by rising eco-anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

Incomplete/Faulty Training Models: Learning from parents, teachers & educational systems, siblings, relatives, and the society as a whole, who are also biased and in most cases not properly developed have not been effective. The need for more comprehensive training solutions to resolve the issues of unhappiness and harmful living remain unanswered. Read more about our vision to optimize 1 billion people by 2042.

Our Solution & Training Model

MLOM, the Mindful Life Optimization Methodology – Through decades of exploration, understanding, and development, we have formulated a comprehensive model training solution to resolve the above three issues.

Description of MLOM

MLOM is a comprehensive training curricula which include the following components:

The What/Outcome: A 3-Domains of Life Intelligence model with definitions, explanations for each domain and subdomains pertinent for Life Optimization

The Path: Using a brilliant well established and well tested high-quality path along with other components that make up the 3 domains of life intelligence including the following:

  • The foundational teachings of the Buddha (the Four Noble Truths and the Noble Eightfold Path & other essential core teachings)

  • Mindfulness presented and practiced in a secular format

  • Theory and history of Mindfulness
  • Teaching methodologies and best practices
  • Practical teaching experience and embodiment
  • Life Intelligence Lessons, Applications and Best Practices drawn from psychology, environmental sciences and other related fields.


The How/Methodology:

A five-stage Human Software Optimization modality including definitions, explanations, lessons, applications, practices, exercises, and guidance to assist in accomplishing the 3-domains of Life Intelligence.

Who is a MLO Professional?

This training program will empower individuals to transfer the knowledge and skills gained during their training in an open field across disciplines and through various channels as the individual deems to. Being a Professional in Mindful Life Optimization comes in three levels:

Level 1: Proficient in utilizing and implementing the five stages of Human Software Optimization within the Human Domain

Level 2: Competent in transferring tools and practices in relation to sustainable living, utilizing and implementing the five stages of Human Software Optimization within the Planet Domain

Level 3: Competent in utilizing and implementing the five stages of Human Software Optimization within the Systems Domain and influencing systemic change within organizations and communities locally and or globally

Training Includes:

  • Courses, workshops, and retreat opportunities for self-optimization and to prepare for facilitating and or teaching/training others the art of Mindful Life Optimization
  • A community of practitioners and teachers to utilize as a support system, to collaborate and grow with
  • Assessment and feedback sessions.


At least 3 of the following developments prior to partaking in training for MLOP, level 1 are accepted.

  • At least three years of uninterrupted practice in Mindfulness or other types of meditation (Required)
  • Altruistic desire for helping elevate human consciousness and moral standards and sustainable living (Required)
  • Completed facilitation /teacher training in related subjects. I.e. meditation, mindfulness, Buddhist or closely related spirituality, yoga and other body wellness practices (preferred)
  • A degree in mental or physical health, brain, environmental and other sciences
  • Experience in any level of academic teaching
  • At least 2 years experience in mentoring, coaching certain populations
  • Competencies gained through at least six courses from our MAPS or MLO catalog of courses

An Incomparable Achievement: Taking Part of the 10,000 MLOPs who will be optimizing 1 billion people by 2042.

Our vision is vast, incomparable, and exciting! But most of all it is necessary if we want to be done with so much pain and suffering in human life. Your competency in implementing the MLO Project will also be an incomparable achievement in the well-being evolution and creating well-integrated humans. We bow to you for this.


Training maybe done in groups or individually. Please send us an email to info@ to request more information.