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For Adult ADHD

Mindful Life Optimization for the Brilliant Procrastinator

Reduce Anxiety, Inattention, and Self-Judgment

Increase Attention, Focus, Timeliness, and Motivation to Finish Tasks

Private Guidance with Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

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Dr. Motaghy’s Message about Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD

I am here to reassure you that as an ADHD adult, you are brilliant, but you already know that. Also, that you definitely are a responsible person and are able to be present and attentive.

There are perfectly good reasons that you ignore tasks, leave them unfinished, don’t put things back where they belong, act impulsively, lose interest, become bored, anxious, hyper-sensitive, have no sense of time, forget important things, and go from one thing to another unable to stick with tasks to the finish line.

No, it is NOT because you are lazy, crazy, don’t care, nor because you have a disorder.

Through years of work with thousands of clients, Dr. William Dodson, a psychiatrist, tells us the ADHD brain simply functions differently than the 80% – 90% of the rest of society who are “Neurotypicals.” For example, you become motivated, engaged, focused, and on top of things in 4-5 completely unique ways than others do. This can cause you to be hyper-focused or not engaged. There are several other differences that knowing them could change your life.

Most doctors and mental health professionals are not educated about these differences and treat ADHD according to old DSM paradigms. Unfortunately, most tips, including regular Mindfulness practices aimed to fix these issues fail as well, leaving the ADHD adult feeling hopeless and stuck.

The good news is you can change this.

Ways Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD Can Transform Your World.

Are you tired of tardiness, procrastination, and endless unfinished tasks?

Learn why to do lists and prioritization don’t work consistently and how to improve the odds of finishing projects.

Are you constantly facing mistakes, forgetting important things, and disappointing others at work and at home?

Learn the proper path to staying motivated and attentive to what is meaningful in your life and create a lasting trust.

Do you feel constantly criticized by family, and friends? Even by Yourself?

Learn how the “Neurotypical” ways of life and expectations hinder/dampen the strengths and brilliance of your unique nervous system and how to get them to support you rather than hinder you.

Do you suffer from being scattered, depressed, and anxious?

Not all Mindfulness meditations or practices work for the ADHD brain. Learn practices that calm your nervous system, bring focus to your mind and enhance your sense of joy and well-being.

For the first time, I feel so comfortable with having an ADHD brain, It’s like coming out. I feel hopeful for my children and so happy I can understand them so much better. Thank you.

~ Rose P., Mother

Instructor’s Bio

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy is an Organizational Psychologist and UCLA Authorized Mindfulness teacher. She is certified by NYU InnerMBA in creating Conscious Teams and Leaders. She has trained teams and executives at fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Health Net, and Kaiser. She has designed and implemented hundreds of courses and retreats, taught thousands of people, published hundreds of blogs, and spoken at numerous conferences, summits and universities, globally.

Manijeh’s journey to understanding her ADD brain, its challenges and strengths, healing her childhood traumas, and the immense grief of the loss of her son to gaining optimal inner peace and joy is a phenomenal achievement to hear and learn from.

Manijeh’s ongoing personal practice, development, and Life Optimization Methodology continue to have real positive impact on her students, clients, and the global community.

She is an AI Enthusiast and a contributor on the Planet Positive 2030 project designed by Stanford University and IEEE for a Sustainable Planet, offering recommendations on how to address human transformation in order to address climate change globally.

Manijeh’s teachings have helped increase accountability with myself, improve in habits/actions regarding our planet and increasingly become a better clinician. Her Life Optimization Method and approach exceed the training and education we’ve received to become therapists. It incorporates more depth into treatment regardless of diagnosis. It helps achieve a healthy happy lifestyle rather than just coping strategies/tools

~ Mary Aroyan, Psychotherapist

For information about private session fees and schedule a time with Dr. Motaghy send an email to:

Studying Life Optimization with Manijeh, I’ve become a better leader and manager by integrating qualities of empathy, loving kindness, self-compassion, and equanimity into the workplace. My insomnia, stress, anxieties, and self-doubts have greatly diminished. I feel far more patient, aware and comfortable with myself.

~ Meryl Lander, VP of Operations, Global Tech Company

Training Modules

Module 1

The Brilliance of ADHD

An Interest-Based Nervous System
  • Misconceptions about ADHD
  • Why traditional therapy and general tips don’t work

  • A proper understanding of this brain and it’s strengths

Module 2

Mindfulness for Engagement

Living in The Present

  • How Mindfulness works for ADHD

  • Various practices that improve focus and engagement

  • Increasing Deliberate Presence

Module 3

Emotional Reactivity Decoded & Recoded

Painful Sensitivity to Rejection and Criticism

  • Why we get stuck in emotional and reactive behaviors

  • Tools for awareness and healing

  • Self-love and reducing anxiety

Module 4

It’s Not a Disorder

It’s an Interest-Based Nervous System

  • Reasons for clutter, distraction, procrastination, impulsiveness

  • Strategies to overcome them

  • Understanding, compassion, and resolution

Module 5

The Challenge of Self-Appraisal

Decreasing Self-Doubt and Boasting Confidence

  • Lacking Awareness of Impact on Others

  • Accepting Less

  • Working with Self-Doubt and Decreasing Outbursts

Module 6

Conventions of Time & Lacking Locus of Control

Relationship with Time

  • Why keeping time is so difficult

  • Taking control of time consistently
  • Improving self-awareness, self-appraisal, and impact on others

Module 7

Next Steps to Optimizing Life

Self, Others, and the Environment

  • Developing True Self-Love

  • Continuing to develop attention, focus, presence, and goodwill

  • Calming the mind by adapting eco-friendly lifestyle

Understanding my mental patterns and expectations has expanded my horizon, from hopelessness to hopefulness. Watching the real me emerge, I am encouraged to expand out of my comfort zone, blossoming into living life fully.

~ Bonnie Janofsky, Composer

I am forever in debt to Manijeh. Her teachings have empowered me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. My life has been immensely enriched. The practice of cultivating wisdom and wholesome qualities has brought me peace and happiness. Manijeh’s wide range of topics have increased my awareness and love for all living beings and our environment.

~ Randy Shultz, Entrepreneur

For information about private session fees and schedule a time with Dr. Motaghy send an email to: