The Adult ADHD courses series begins with MLO 130, which covers the foundational understanding of how the ADHD brain differs from the Neurotypical, its strengths, and challenges with tools to improve capacities and skills for more consistent reliability and responsible living.

The following courses in this series review some of those fundamentals and areas that need development for more cohesive transformation and optimization.

Please continue your training and development with catalog courses under sections 1-7 for continued transformation and living an optimized life.

Upcoming Adult ADHD Courses: Now Open to Public

*Our ADHD courses were taught through UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center for three years.


MLO 130: Introduction to Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD – Improving ADHD Challenges and Strengths

Improving ADHD Challenges and Strengths

TBD (for private lessons write to manijeh@perfectlyhere.org)

Instructor: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

You will learn from the instructor’s journey of challenges, growth, and development and how she came to optimize her own life and happiness. Her years of effort experiencing Mindfulness practices, testing various methodologies, and understanding the unique obstacles that prohibit the brilliance and strengths of this brain type yielded some clear instructions and exercises for developing the ADHD brain. Designed with Mindfulness techniques for the ADHD nervous system, you will pick up modified Mindfulness tools and practices appropriate to the way the ADHD brain can utilize best.

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MLO 131: Transforming ADHD Self-Judgment to Self-Compassion & Confidence

Improving ADHD Challenges and Strengths

June 5 to July 10

Instructor: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

This course is designed to empower individuals with ADHD and their loved ones to live with more ease and fulfillment. Emotional reactivity is a hallmark of the ADHD brain. It is not your fault. You can learn why it happens, transform oversensitivity, and enjoy a balanced life. Self-judgment is a strategy that doesn’t work. It becomes reactionary and self-inflicting. It creates confusion and doubt. Learn to overcome this unhealthy perspective and habit. You live in the present moment. Let’s teach you how to use this strength to anchor your attention properly and effectively.

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ADHD Course

MLO 132: Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD

Transforming Impulsivity and Inattention to Focus, Presence, and Wise Action!

This course offers a unique suite of mindfulness practices, meticulously tailored for adults with ADHD. It explores the six components of focus and three faculties of attention and provides custom Mindfulness strategies to help improve self-awareness and impulse control. Participants practice navigating their daily lives and work with greater calm, ease, and presence.

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