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Mindful Life Optimization

A Comprehensive Program to Transform Human Culture by Undoing Biases, Increasing Compassion, and Mindfully Aligning with Life’s Intelligence.


The MLO Course Catalog is comprised of over 17 years experience in teaching mindfulness and conscious living to local and global communities. These courses provide Life Intelligence Lessons to cultivate wisdom, compassion, peace and connection to the earth. These courses range from 100 levels to 600 levels to cover foundations of Mindfulness, to deep learning, and transformation. They also provide a pathway to certify coaches, teachers, trainers, and mental health professionals to utilize the Mindful Life Optimization Methodology to improve their results.

SECTION I: Foundational to Developing Mindfulness Skills for Well-being

MLO 100: Intro to Life Intelligence and Integration

This is the foundational course to all the MLOs that follow. It is about assessing the Life Intelligence skills one needs and has to care for and love oneself as well as adapting well to the changing conditions. Here, we look at what’s missing in one’s life. This can include skills one needs for self-love and care to organizing one’s life, to skills for effective and healthy communication in various relationships to knowing and carrying one’s role and responsibilities in their life. Participants will respond to a questionnaire to gage their level of competency in the matters of the heart, empathy, generosity, emotional balance, communication and engagement, critical thinking and self-awareness, the ability to make wise choices, and personal and professional accountability. This assessment is created with utmost compassion and non-judgment, allowing participants to recognize areas of inner-development needs, set some realistic goals and continue to grow and create more ease and joy in their lives.

MLO 101: Mindful Life Optimization, Meditation, Mindful Living

In this introductory course, you’ll learn how to cultivate Mindfulness and Mindful living to reduce stress, anxiety, and physical pain, and take away tools to improve your personal life and planetary well-being. You’ll create a regular meditation practice in various postures, learn to eat Mindfully, listen with presence, and improve a sense of ease within.

MLO 102: Essential Tools for Self-Care & Healing

This holistic course introduces a healthy relationship with self, ways of nurturing one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We draw from mindfulness and psychology, explore alternative methods like energy and sound healing, yoga, and meditation, offering participants a diverse toolkit for self-care. (Next Gen Healthcare trends reports only 13% of women say they practice self-love regularly, compared to 5% of men. 1 in 3 people globally struggle with self-acceptance and self-value.)

MLO 103: Going From Self-Love Deficit to Self-Worth and Fulfilment

In this course, we go deeper, look at the spectrum of self-love deficit to narcissism-both of which are deeply piercing. You’ll learn practices to help develop authentic self-love, while cultivating the wise you. Let’s strengthen your sense of happiness in autonomy.

SECTION II: Developing Emotional Maturity & Inner Guidance

MLO 104: Developing Emotional Wisdom to Strengthen Immune System

After developing self-care and increasing self-love, we look at why some unpleasant emotions and reactivity are hard to shake off. In MLO 104: Develop Emotional Wisdom to Improve Your Immune System, we discuss how emotions are mostly learned, expected of us, and even forced upon us. Unknowingly, we attach to these emotions and react, making our bodies ill and our hearts sick with unhappiness. You will learn healthy ways of expressing emotions that signal you to act, and and ways to cleanse emotions that are disruptive.

105: Become Mindful and Resilient

In this course, you’ll learn about and how reduce the inner obstacles of Aversion, Clinging, Restlessness, Lethargy, and Doubt. All of which prevent you from being focused, peaceful, happy, and connected to the world. We will practice meditation, contemplation, and other exercises to transform irritation and stress into resilience and clarity for wiser life and planet stewardship.

MLO 106: Cultivate Sublime Emotions for Greater Fulfilment

After gaining emotional wisdom in MLO 104: Develop Emotional Wisdom to Improve your Immune System, we strengthen the heart, mind, and body, by developing emotions that are healing, natural, and sublime like letting go and peacefulness. You will gain insights through practices that help you elevate in love, compassion, joy, connectedness, and steadiness at deeper levels. You deserve to cultivate these sublime emotions and enjoy life more fully.

SECTION III: Diving Into Healthy Optimized Relationships

MLO 107: Heal with Self-Compassion & Forgiveness

This is a transformative course that explores the profound impact of self-compassion and forgiveness on healing life’s wounds. Participants will learn how to cultivate self-compassion and forgiveness as powerful antidotes to unhappiness. Through guided practices and insights, they will discover how these principles can lead to greater inner peace and freedom, a compassionate path towards a more fulfilling and harmonious life.

MLO 108: Learn the Secretes & Skills to Loving Relationships

In this course, we discuss the reasons why relationships fail and offer tools to manage obstacles, needs, fantasies, expectations, improving communication, and ways to provide love and care, and receive the love you want.

MLO 109: Learn Mindful Communication & Presence

In this course, we delve into creating healthy fulfilling relationships by improving presence, clear articulation, proper response, timely, managing potentially false assumptions and interpretations, and tapping into effective and intelligent intentions. Thus, guiding oneself and others to live with ease and authentically.

SECTION IV: Living a Green and Sustainable Life

MLO 110: Create a Balanced Sustainable/Green Living

This course is aimed at equipping individuals with actionable strategies and practical guidance on sustainable choices in daily living. Through short, insightful sessions, participants will learn how to reduce their ecological footprint, make eco-friendly choices, and contribute positively to the planet. It’s a transformative journey toward aligning personal values with sustainable actions, promoting a greener and more harmonious world for this and the future generations.

MLO 111: Connect with the Wisdom of Cultures & Ancestors

In this course, we delve into creating healthy fulfilling relationships by improving presence, clear articulation, proper response, timely, managing potentially false assumptions and interpretations, and tapping into effective and intelligent intentions. Thus, guiding oneself and others to live with ease and authentically

MLO 112: Alignment With Nature to Manage Eco-anxiety

In this course, participants will embark on a journey to explore the profound interdependence of all living beings and the planet itself. Offering insights to understand natural laws that govern us lives and practical tools for living consciously and mindfully. By aligning with natural laws, participants can discover a path towards greater happiness and harmony in their lives.

SPECIALTY COURSES: Developing Adult ADHD/IBNS Brain and Life

The Adult ADHD courses series begins with MLO 130, which covers the foundational understanding of how the ADHD brain differs from the Neurotypical, its strengths, and challenges with tools to improve capacities and skills for more consistent reliability and responsible living.

The following courses in this series review some of those fundamentals and areas that need development for more cohesive transformation and optimization.

MLO 130: Introduction to Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD – Improving ADHD Challenges and Strengths

You will learn from the instructor’s journey of challenges, growth, and development and how she came to optimize her own life and happiness. Her years of effort experiencing Mindfulness practices, testing various methodologies, and understanding the unique obstacles that prohibit the brilliance and strengths of this brain type yielded some clear instructions and exercises for developing the ADHD brain. Designed with Mindfulness techniques for the ADHD nervous system, you will pick up modified Mindfulness tools and practices appropriate to the way the ADHD brain can utilize best.

MLO 131: Transforming ADHD Self-Judgment to Self-Compassion & Confidence

This course is designed to empower individuals with ADHD and their loved ones to live with more ease and fulfillment. Emotional reactivity is a hallmark of the ADHD brain. It is not your fault. You can learn why it happens, transform oversensitivity, and enjoy a balanced life. Self-judgment is a strategy that doesn’t work. It becomes reactionary and self-inflicting. It creates confusion and doubt. Learn to overcome this unhealthy perspective and habit. You live in the present moment. Let’s teach you how to use this strength to anchor your attention properly and effectively.

MLO 132: Cultivating Focus, Attention, & Self-Awareness to Minimize Impulsive Actions

This seven-week course emphasizes what it takes for adult ADHD to be Mindful, present, and motivated. The three aspects of attention, are the six components of focus, how to pull back from hyperfocus, and focusing deliberately and intentionally. We’ll explore ways to reduce impulsivity and act with wisdom and compassion.


Please continue your training and development with catalog courses under sections 1-7 for continued transformation and living an optimized life.

SECTION VI: Going Deeper for Transformation

MLO 201: Being Proactive in Maintaining Happiness with PAM (Preventative Accountability Model)

This is an empowering course that equips individuals with valuable skills to proactively address and reduce life’s challenges. Rooted in a deep understanding of human suffering and its causes, this course offers practical strategies for taking preventative actions. It’s a transformative journey towards a more conscious approach to life and maintaining happiness.

MLO 202: Understand Trauma, the Conundrum of Human Development, and Tools to Self-Heal

Infusing Mindfulness and self-awareness while exploring attachment trauma. Understanding how trauma forms, how they are related to our immune systems, the role of the mind in clinging to traumatic interpretations, and how to reduce their negative impact on oneself and others.

MLO 203-209: TBA

MLO 210: Awakening The Wise You (9-month program) (picked from the catalog)

“Awaken to an Authentic Self” is five courses. Each course is six weeks with 2 weeks break in between. Nine months of immersive experience designed to empower individuals in transforming their mental and emotional agonies, fostering a deep self-awareness, and cultivating a life of purpose and connection. This course offers a blend of in-person and online sessions, providing a comprehensive Transdisciplinary approach to healing, personal development, transformation, and living a conscious Mindful fulfilling life.

SECTION VII: Retreats – Intensive Practice

Retreats are an essential part of Life Intelligence Lessons through personal experience to develop, transform, and optimize one’s life. Each day of retreat is spent in Mindfulness and meditation in various postures, while sitting, walking, eating, washing dishes, using the bathroom, reflecting, and other ways. There are teachings and practices that strengthen self-love and compassion, inner confidence, and happiness. While practicing Mindfulness, each session offers a unique theme and area for contemplation and development. Below are the list of retreats beginning the year with Wise View and Wise Intention and ending the year with unloading, Mindful Forgiveness for oneself and others.

*Retreat topics in between are designed to offer opportunities for participants to practice what they learn in each course.

MLO 301: Begin the Year, Setting Wise Intentions and Goals

MLO 302: Title to support course work

MLO 303: Title to support course work

MLO 304: Title to support course work

MLO 305: Title to support course work

MLO 306: End the Year with Mindful Forgiveness

SECTION VIII: Year-Long Programs

MLO 310: Awakening to An Authentic Self (10-month program)

A 10-Month Course to Transform Mental Emotional Difficulties, Embody Life Intelligence, and Grow a Stress-Free Meaningful Life.

SECTION IX: Strictly Buddhist Dharma

MLO 400s:

These courses cover an array of the Buddhist teachings including the Four Noble Truths & Eight-fold Path, Karma, Seven Factors of Awakening, the 4 Bramaviharas, and others.

MLO 401: Unlocking Happiness Via the Four Noble Truths
MLO 402: Living with Wisdom (Noble Eight-Fold Path, View & Intention)
MLO 403: Living with Compassion (speech, action, livelihood)
MLO 404: Excelling with Right Effort, Mindfulness, & Concentration
MLO 405: Reaping the Gifts of Great Karma
MLO 406: Awakening Through Seven Factors
MLO 404:
MLO 405:
MLO 406: From Dharma to Life Intelligence
MLO 407: Dharma Applications for Modern Times

Section X: Other Pertinent Topics

MLO 501: Intro to Constructing Systems that Work

This is a dynamic course designed to empower individuals with practical skills in creating effective and sustainable systems within family or business. Drawing from the instructor’s expertise in organizational psychology and mindfulness, this course offers insights into optimizing human perspective and related skills. Participants will learn how to design systems that align with natural principles, that foster success while considering the well-being of all. A transformative journey toward building harmonious and efficient system.

MLO 502: Eco-Construction and Design

MLO 503: Foraging For Food & Natural Medicines

Section XI: Certification to Become a Professional Coach

Pre-Requisites: MLO 100s, 200s, 300s, & 500s

MLO 600s:

These are a series of courses that lay out the three Domains of Life Intelligence, tease out how the Five-Stage Human Software Optimization provides the means to develop clients and students more effectively and comprehensively, using language that understands and respects diversity, inclusiveness, equity, brain biases, providing resources for how to live effectively in the changing environment and in times of uncertainty.

MLO 601: The MLO Coaching Methodology

This is a specialized course designed for therapists and coaches looking to enhance their practices. MLO combines the principles of mindfulness, spirituality, science, and psychology with practical strategies for optimizing lives. It equips therapists and coaches with the tools to empower their clients to live more consciously, mindfully, and in alignment with their values. This course is an opportunity to elevate your therapeutic and coaching skills, making a more profound impact on the well-being of your clients and supporting our vision of optimizing the lives of a billion people by 2042.

MLO 602: Learn & Practice Diversity, Inclusivity, & Equity

MLO 603: Learn to Defuse Inherent Brian Biases

MLO 604: Include Nature Connectivity and Conscious Living