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MLO 104: Cultivate Emotional Wisdom To Improve Your Immune System and Enjoy Good Health

Six-Thurs; Aug 1 – Sep 5
From 7 – 8 PM, Pacific Time (Live, Online)

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  • Emotions are some of the most important experiences of human life.

  • Emotions are not equally shared by all cultures and people of all backgrounds.

  • Not having emotional balance and emotional wisdom can cause lots of issues for our health and wellbeing.

  • This course will cover important information about emotions, how they are created, which one’s are healthy, which cause stress and how to use the wisdom of emotions to strengthen your immune systems

Instructor’s Message:

Hello Friends,

I designed MLO 104: Cultivate Emotional Wisdom To Improve Your Immune System and Enjoy Strength and Well-Being, to educate and empower you to live with wisdom and clarity. To be able to utilize your emotions as signals to what you need and how best to respond to any situation.

Research indicates that gaining emotional wisdom, not just the ability to understand and manage one’s emotions effectively, but also to choose emotionality at will, can have positive impact on the immune system.

Dr. Gabor Mate, world renowned psychologist tells us how our emotions are a part of our immune system, which we must look after.

“Emotional stress is a major cause of physical illness, from cancer to autoimmune conditions and many other chronic diseases. The brain and body systems that process emotions are intimately connected with the hormonal apparatus, the nervous system, and in particular the immune system.”

When you cultivate emotional wisdom, you can reduce your stress levels and improve your immune system function. Practices such as mindfulness, emotional regulation, and connectedness promote a state of relaxation and mental well-being, thereby enhancing the body’s ability to fend off illnesses.

By fostering a balanced emotional state, you can also enjoy more harmonious relationships mitigate the negative impact of conflicts and the demands of daily life, leading to a more resilient and robust immune response.

Please join us.

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Testimonial about Perfectly Here

Manijeh’s teachings have helped increase accountability with myself, improve in habits/actions regarding our planet and increasingly become a better clinician. Her Life Optimization Method and approach exceed the training and education we’ve received to become therapists. It incorporates more depth into treatment regardless of diagnosis. It helps achieve a healthy happy lifestyle rather than just coping strategies/tools

~ Mary Aroyan, Psychotherapist

Course Modules

Mindful Life Optimization catalog

Module 1

Where Do Emotions Come From?

The Science of Emotions & Emotional Mindfulness
  • Learning what emotions are

  • Self-awareness practices

  • Balance & Harmony

Module 2

Wisdom of Emotions

Emotions Are Not Equal

  • Our emotions make us who we are
  • Wisely choosing

  • Mindfulness of thoughts and emotions

  • Practices to increase self-love

Module 3

Shame Or Self-Worth?

Understanding and Adjustment

  • Exploring remorse and responsibility

  • Tools to reconnect with truths of life

  • Practices that strengthen the heart

Module 4

Strengthening the Immune System

Undoing the Obligation to Suffer

  • Learning responsibility for one’s emotional wellbeing

  • Productive and protective emotional responses

  • Mindfulness tools for wisdom

Module 5

Calming the Restless Mind

Regulating Energy

  • Awareness of mental and physical hyperactivity – daily stress

  • Wisely guiding the wheels under our body, actions, and choices

  • Calming and soothing mindfulness tools

Module 6

Pushing the Lever Towards Joy

Knowing the difference

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • Ways to recognize one’s own best interest

  • Continuing to develop

Understanding my mental patterns and expectations has expanded my horizon, from hopelessness to hopefulness. Watching the real me emerge, I am encouraged to expand out of my comfort zone, blossoming into living life fully.

~ Bonnie Janofsky, Composer

Bonnie Janofsky, Composer

Course Summary

  • Six one-hour sessions with Dr. Motaghy

  • Six modules filled with instructions for understanding emotions and cultivating their wisdom

  • Mindfulness and heart-based tools and practices to improve your emotional responses

  • Breakout sessions to learn from other’s experiences

  • Dr. Motaghy’s personal experiences, stories, and examples modeling an optimized inner navigation system and capabilities

Course Fee: $148

Scholarship Rate: $98

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