Strong Sustainability by Design is a massive document addressing climate change and the issues concerning the future of our planet. This document is the result of the Planet Positive 2030 initiative by IEEE Advanced Technologies at Stanford University chaired by Dr. Maike Luiken.

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Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, our founder and program designer, has been an active part of the Global Methodologies committee in the Planet Positive 2030 Initiative. After the completion of the Strong Sustainability by Design, she provided further suggestions for the revisions of the paper.

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To know more about the revisions Dr. Motaghy suggested, read the Feedback and Recommendations from pages 7-9.

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Dr. Motaghy, what has been your experience while participating and collaborating with others on this initiative?

“I am always amazed at the level of compassion and dedication each person brings to the mix. While providing highly technical, advanced thinking, and solution-driven, everyone is genuinely concerned and offer so much of themselves. Going through this process, I’ve learned and grown immensely. I am grateful for the opportunity.”