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Thank you for visiting the Perfectly Here’s Sustainability News and Tips page. We are dedicated to our Mindful Life Optimization programs and Vision of Optimizing 1 Billion People by 2042. To accomplish this we are continually forming alliances. Please join us if your mission aligns with ours.

We offer informed news and tips to transform habitual unconscious living. Living in alignment with nature’s brilliant regenerative design is a duty and if one gives it a chance, it is a pleasure, and increased well-being. With increased consciousness, consideration, and alignment with the principals of interdependence we help our beloved planet to regenerate itself back to a safe and abundant state.

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Here, we will be posting current news about the changes in the #planetary boundaries and projects that are instrumental to achieving #UN Sustainability Goals as well as #Inner Developmental Goals.

Please check out our site frequently to stay up to date with these developments. Please join us in any way you can and support our efforts to achieve our vision of 1 Billion Optimized by 2042. This might be the one single most important legacy for all of humanity.

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