planet positive 2030; strong sustainability by design

A Call To Support

IEEE Planet Positive 2030

Dear Friends,

This is a call for your attention and feedback on what’s best for our planet and your neighborhood, your needs, and solutions that pertain to your area.

I have personally been contributing to a massive project and movement in helping to regenerate our planet through IEEE Planet Positive 2030.

Experts and thought leaders from all over the world involved in 13 committees, during months of collaboration have provided content on how to address many challenges we face in our time.

This end document, Strong Sustainability by Design, is to provide knowledge, wisdom, and solutions for people in various regions of the world to learn from, adopt, and adapt what is useful and relevant to solve climate and sustainability issues in their area and according to their needs.

Recent reports tell us that globally, only 14-16 percent of energy consumption is emission-free. We still have 84 percent emission-producing energy consumption on the planet to convert to clean and emission-free energy.

Additionally, there are about 8-10 million people on the planet who have no access to energy at all. Their needs must be met as well.

We are calling upon all humanity, inclusive of all backgrounds, education, expertise, and experiences.

Anyone and everyone who has a stake in the well-being and safety of our planet is invited and urged to read this document and give feedback as to what’s important in your area and for sustainability and comfort.

Please read, even one or two pages, under any of the areas that interest you, and let us know what you think. Follow the submission guidelines and submit your feedback.

Click on Strong Sustainability by Design to download, read and provide any feedback.

The idea is that no one solution is appropriate for every part of this planet. So, all perspectives and needs must be included.

Please let us know when you have made your comments. We’d love to hear we had a hand in sending you to this page. Thank you. You can email our Director, Dr. Motaghy, directly.