Welcome to Perfectly Here!

Dr. Motaghy, Founder of Perfectly HereThe best way to know About Perfectly Here is to read testimonies of our students, clients and practitioners. Perfectly Here was established in 2007 under Mindful Valley. We are a leading Mindfulness Meditation training organization who has served the greater Los Angeles and beyond. Most importantly, we provide high quality Mindfulness training by combining scientific research, psychology and wisdom practices. Our programs include a mixture of UCLA Certified courses along with custom designed classes created by our founder and Mindfulness instructor, Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, and her team of teachers. These programs include Mindfulness for parents, teen and children, retreats, drop-in sessions, and specialized courses for relationships and communication, ADHD and more. We offer Buddhist teachings for those who are interested to know more than Mindfulness.

Perfectly Here is a 501C3 non-profit organization and relies on the generosity of it supporters to keep our programs alive. We offer discounts to First Responders, Veterans and their immediate family members.  Please consider contributing to these funds so that we may continue supporting them. Please browse our site and let us know if there are any other areas, you would like us to provide Mindfulness training and classes. Thank you for visiting and be well.