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Mindful Valley was established in 2007 and became a Non-profit 501C3 under the dba, Perfectly Here. We have served individuals, communities, and corporations globally through UCLA certified Mindfulness programs.

Our programs and offerings advanced From Mindfulness For Personal Well-being to Mindful Life Optimization for Personal, Societal, & Planetary Thriving. We now include topics relating to living sustainably, producing systems that are wise, teaching about Preventative Accountability, 3-Dimensional Life Intelligence, and Human Software Optimization.

Our Mission

Perfectly Here’s mission is to optimize personal, societal, and planetary well-being, by combining Mindfulness, Wisdom, and Compassion practices with scientific research, psychology, and neuroscience, to offer well-rounded programs for human happiness.

We provide training courses, workshops, and retreats to individuals, groups, and companies. We develop humanity to act with wisdom, awareness, and care to help regenerate a thriving life in support of the UN’s Sustainability and climate mitigation Goals.

Join us to transform the human community globally and help restore the planet to a thriving state for this and future generations.


At our company, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring a healthy work/life balance for all of our team members, whether they are volunteers or full-time employees. We recognize the importance of fostering an environment that minimizes stress and anxiety, and actively support our team in their pursuit of personal wellness and overall well-being.

To achieve this, we actively encourage our team members to engage in mindfulness practices, such as meditation, to enhance self-awareness and cultivate self-love. Our dedicated support system offers guidance and resources to help employees integrate these practices into their daily lives, promoting mental clarity and emotional resilience.

We firmly believe in the power of open communication and actively encourage our team members to share their personal needs, aspirations, and goals for growth. By maintaining an ongoing dialogue, we create an inclusive and supportive atmosphere that empowers everyone to express their thoughts and ideas. This, in turn, helps us identify areas where we can better support our team members and ensure a harmonious and nurturing work environment.

Furthermore, we are deeply committed to not imposing excessive work hours or unrealistic tasks that could jeopardize our team’s personal life and well-being. We acknowledge that striking the right balance between work and life is crucial for both individual happiness and the overall success of our company.

In summary, our company’s commitment to work/life balance is rooted in our genuine care for our team’s well-being. By promoting mindfulness practices, facilitating open communication, and prioritizing our employees’ personal needs, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment that enables everyone to thrive both professionally and personally.

See Our 20-Year Perfectly There


Perfectly Here implements its mission by offering programs that incorporate scientifically proven Mindfulness practices and techniques.

We draw from psychology and wisdom teachings to help participants understand and modify their own minds, emotions, and behaviors.


Brain science has discovered that practicing Mindfulness, Compassion, Gratitude, and Loving Kindness can change neuropathways.

With continued practice, various brain regions integrate and increase practitioners’ capacity to shift their attention, regulate their emotions, make better decisions, and live happier and healthier lives.

1 billion optimized

The positive ripple effects of this increased capacity for compassion and attentiveness cannot be measured as it goes far beyond touching all others in a web of interdependence.

Additional Information

  1. Mindful Valley dba Perfectly Here is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization and relies on the community’s generosity to remain viable.
  2. We provide
    1. UCLA, MARC (MAPS) signature secular Mindfulness classes.
    2. Various classes and retreats for various populations.
    3. The Buddha’s Core Teachings are offered to those curious about the origin and other related practices and teachings.
    4. Donation-based Sitting/Practice Groups serve a community of meditators who need to continue and strengthen their practice via collective group energy and love.
    5. No one is turned away for lack of funds. We offer work-study, internships, and volunteer opportunities to those with the limited financial ability to pay for classes and services. Hence we rely on the community’s generosity to help us make this possible.
    6. All funds are used to implement programs that enhance skillful living. Please make your contributions at


Perfectly Here was established in 2007 under the name Mindful Valley with a policy of “No one turned away for lack of funds.” In addition to general scholarships, we have held a special space for our veterans, first-responders, and their family members to learn and apply the skill of mindfulness to their lives and well-being. Other scholarship programs include Kuroosh Compassionate Recover Program to help families devastated by addiction and loss.

Mindful Valley established its Non-profit 501C3 status in 2015 and continued dba, Perfectly Here. We have served the greater Los Angeles and beyond for over 13 years as a leading Mindfulness and Meditation training organization. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality non-secular Mindfulness training by combining scientific research, psychology, and related wisdom teachings and practices.

Our programs include a mixture of UCLA Certified courses, custom-designed workshops, and retreats overseen by our Co-Founder and Program Director, Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, and her team of instructors. These programs include Mindfulness for parents, teens, and children, specialized Mindfulness-based courses for improved Relationships and Communication, Adults with ADHD, and more. Our Beyond Mindfulness courses offer an expanded opportunity to develop in the Art of Living.

Nondiscrimination Policy: Perfectly Here staff, the board of directors, teachers, and volunteers are encouraged to practice awareness of their speech, recommendations, and actions that may hinder a specific population from receiving the benefit of our services. Our “No one turned away for lack of funds,” policy prohibits discrimination based on sex, age, economic status, educational background, race, color, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity, or marital status. All are welcome to participate and benefit from our programs and services. We teach the community to act skilfully, wisely, kindly, and compassionately towards themselves and others. Therefore, we also reserve the right to refuse access to our services and programs in cases of any form of abuse (verbal, physical, or written) of our human and other resources, including financial.

“Mindfulness is the key to being the best person you can be. Otherwise, you just drift through life, unable to create your own legacy.”

~ Philip Henderson

We invite you to join us in leaving a powerful and
meaningful legacy behind.

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