By Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, Organizational Psychologist, MLO Course Designer, and UCLA Mindfulness Teacher

We need to talk about the fact that adults with ADHD are responsible, reliable, creative, and caring. To explore reasons behind the challenges and conditions that hinder them and offer some effective solutions.

Life can be difficult without having challenging conditions that hinder one from being timely, finishing tasks, being patient, wise, and peaceful.

Adults with ADHD are responsible

They lead their personal lives, and take care of their work and family. They are creative, caring, and reliable, except for the random loss of attention and forgetfulness, impatience and impulsively making decisions and actions that they sometimes regret.

There are several other challenges with ADHD, which are related to having a diverse nervous system.
In a course meticulously designed to educate and train this brilliant, brain, we offer practices that improve attention, focus, timeliness, staying with the task and agenda, having more patience, and making wiser choices and actions.

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