To Create a Sustainable Lifestyle Begin With Three Solutions:

  1. Recycling ideas and environmental garbage management solutions and creative ways to reuse waste such as old paper glass metal and plastic bottles shaped like a human head as a symbol for reusable thinking and conservation advice.

    Manage your trash. No other animal leaves trash behind like humans do.

  • Watch your purchases. Buy from bulk sources or where you can refill containers to reduce packaging and drop containers into landfills. Bring your bags or just leave items you buy from grocery stores in your cart and then place them in your car. Not everything needs to be in plastic bags.
  • Recycle and eliminate as much waste as possible to support the reduction of carbon emissions back to zero and stabilize global temperature
  • Ask the merchant company, e.g., Amazon, to avoid sending you plastic in the shipping packages
  • Bring topper wear to restaurants to pack your leftovers to go
  • Share food plates to not waste food resources
  • Gather friends and family for an outing and collect trash from a beach near you
  • Support biodegradable products such as trash bags, detergents, and other chemicals that pollute the water and the planet

2. Repair, Reuse, Repurpose:

  • Instead of quickly dumping something in the trash that’s slightly broken, find a way to fix it.
  • Be creative. Repurpose containers. How else can anything be used and not found in landfills?
  • Instead of trashing, donate goods for others to reuse them

3. Purchase Recycled Materials

Fabric-wrapped gifts and wooden Christmas decorations, reusable sustainable recycled textile gift wrapping alternative zero waste concept, flat lay, top view

  • Adapt circular economies to eliminate waste. Read the packaging to see if they are made out of recycled material and if they can be thrown in the recycle bin. Look up symbols on packages and containers to learn more about what they are made out of and what you can do with them
  • Look up clothing manufacturers who produce materials with eco-conscious or eco-friendly labels.
  • Share material and resources with others so they also know what to buy and where to buy them