Empower Us To Heal Humanity and Earth, Mindfully Optimizing 1 Billion People by 2042.

Generosity is one of the highest virtues and human qualities that not only benefits those who are at the receiving end, but first and foremost it benefits the giver. By giving, you practice detachment to things that are passing. It’s the attachment and clinging that causes us severe emotional and mental agony. Letting go is a skill that ensures wisdom, compassion, and wellbeing. The merits of your giving strengthens the root system of abundance and the potential to save an entire world of suffering, including yours and your loved ones.

We invite you to join a group of happy donors who back our programs. Please scroll down to read some of our testimonials.

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MLO Professional Training Fund

This fund helps empower the MLO training programs and further its expansion globally and ensure a safer, kinder, more effective life for this and the future generations.

MLOPs are MLO Professionals who go through our certificate programs to transform individually and to become skilled at implementing the MLO Methodology to facilitate change within the context of their choice. The MLO Methodology consists of a five-stage Human Software Optimization process to develop, transform, and optimize individuals, communities, leaders and businesses in three Domains of Life Intelligence. This program will help us reach our vision of 1 billion optimized by 2042.

Operational Fund

This fund helps ensure that basic operating costs are covered so that our founders and volunteers can devote their time and energy to help heal individuals and train them in one of the highest levels of human development opportunities.

We’re often short of these funds and with your help we can continue this journey till we reach our vision of 1 billion optimized by 2042.

Scholarship Fund

This fund helps provide training opportunities to individuals who need our courses and programs for their healing and optimization process and who are unable to pay for these services. We have maintained the “No one turned away for lack of funds.” since 2007 and are honored to be of service and guidance to our fellow students and trainings.

We hope that these offerings manifest in healing, joy, and prosperity for our community and our beloved planet.

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Supporting Perfectly Here Will Help Mindful Life Optimization Do More For You, the Community, and the Planet.

Our world cannot change unless individuals become conscious interdependent beings. We have the mission of optimizing the lives of 1 billion people around the globe, within the next 20 years. This will ensure that our lives and the lives of our future generations are safe and fulfilling.

All your contributions go to further these efforts. Paying for all sorts of costs such as marketing and advertising, utilities, insurance, Internet, website maintenance, and staffing, though we are always short staffed.

Our Mindfulness Scholarships based on “No One Turned Away For Lack of Funds,“ started the day we began our journey as Mindful Valley in 2007. Throughout the years, with the help and the generosity of our teachers, supporters and volunteers we have maintained this noble intention.

However, with our advancement in training methodology, our goals are much bigger now. We need to train teachers, coaches, and countless others to achieve this vision of regenerating humanity and the planet. These goals must be set and we cannot deliver what we promise without financial backing.

Please join us in setting the immense legacy of saving humanity and our precious planet. We are grateful for your support and friendship.

Hundreds of Community Members Have Benefited fro your Support of Perfectly Here:

Perfectly Here’s Mindfulness Scholarships and programs have changed thousands of lives for the better. We’ve done so with sensitivity and compassion to those with financial hardship and many others in need. In the past 15 years we have offered 4501 free offerings. These have served first-responder & veteran groups, families affected by addiction and loss, single parents, and other who could not afford program fees.

Read Our Student Testimonials

“My ability to recognize and practice an abundance of self-love and compassion for myself and others has strengthened and increased in duration and frequency.” Mary Aroyan, Therapist

“Thank you Manijeh! for your stand in guiding people to a better place and understanding of themselves.” Suzy Perlmutter

“Thank you for all of the peace you bring to those you touch — one of whom is me.” Jeff M.

“Feeling sooooooooooooo blessed with ur revolutionary wisdom to reprogram our old software , rewiring our brain, changing our self limiting beliefs causing us unnecessary suffering.” Balwinder

“Manijeh is so incredibly compassionate and generous with her wisdom on this topic.” Anonymous

What Better Way To Make A Difference!

Philanthropy no matter how small or large provides for a meaningful experience in life. Your friendship and Support of Perfectly Here can inspire hope, care, and continuity. This act of kindness is never lost. Partner with us to sustain our efforts to reach our goals. Provide MORE opportunities to create a less indifferent and anxious society. The more people we train, the more consciousness in the world, and the more we can assist in changing the dire state of our planet.

Who knows, you may encounter a more Mindful doctor, nurse, driver, or teenager who is kinder, more attentive, and considerate to you, because of your philanthropy and support of Perfectly Here training programs.