Guest Blogger: Mindfulness & Weight Loss

205, 2017

Guest Blogger: Mindfulness & Weight Loss

Can Mindfulness Help With Weight Loss?

Nutrition, obesity, and all the issues they bring with them are big bugbears for modern societies. Our diets are worse than ever, and our physical health is suffering as a consequence. Parallelling this is a weight loss industry which has been accused of doing more to feather its own nest than to […]

2611, 2016

Thanksgiving Meditation: Why Do We Give Thanks?

Thanksgiving. It’s a wonderful time to go inward and to contemplate about the forces and causes of happiness.

Perhaps look deeper through your own religious practices and values, whoever you believe in, and draw on its intended wisdom. Wisdom that brings you closer to peace, joy and a sense of connectedness. Of course, it is not […]

2311, 2016

“If you see the Buddha, kill him”

“If you see the Buddha, kill him.”

While this statement at the first encounter can evoke a sense of terror, apparently it’s a hyperbole. Hyperbole for letting go, even of the Buddha and his teachings. Meaning once a person attains full understanding of how things work, is naturally ethical in mind, body and speech, acting with […]

2008, 2016

Teachings: One Arrow is Enough

One Arrow is Enough

What is physical pain to you? Is it uncomfortable? Is it annoying when it persists? Is it unbearable at times? Perhaps all of the above. Working with my students on Mindfulness practices we often talk about getting to know all of your pains including physical, emotional, financial, with relationships, etc. Often due […]

506, 2016

Being Treated As Noble Beings! For Couples

Being part of a couple relationship is a great opportunity to practice and cultivate the sense of connectedness, compassion and love. Of course, with lives moving so fast it is easier to disconnect, criticize or blame. Often, we get lost in our own thoughts, expectations and emotions and disconnect from our partner; get caught up […]

1202, 2016

My Guru, The Pita Bread!

Finally, at the 3rd mindfulness class I took with Daniel, I decided to do the homework he had asked everyone, which was to do one thing we do routinely during the day, mindfully. That is to be with the experience of it and fully giving it our undivided attention.
For example, if we chose brushing our […]

1202, 2016

What about God? pt. 2

It’s amazing how the mind can be so cunning, baffling and powerful, isn’t it? However, I came more from my mind, and less form the heart in my views in the previous post.
Let me share a gift with you, from Thich Nhat Hanh. He says much the same thing, but there is no mind – […]

1202, 2016

The Mindful Child

The New ABCs of Mindful Learning
by Susan Kaiser Greenland
The techniques of mindful awareness have helped millions of adults reduce stress in their lives. Now, children—who are under more pressure than ever before—can learn to protect themselves with these well-established methods adapted for their ages. Based on a program researched by UCLA, The Mindful Child is […]

1202, 2016

Is Mindfulness Enough?

The question is it enough to read about Mindfulness to have it? Or is Mindfulness even enough?
Talking about mindfulness is a little like reading a label on a prescription bottle without taking the medicine, and expecting it to work anyway.
When therapists come to our workshops and classes on integrating mindfulness with psychotherapy, the most common […]