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MLO 103: From Self-love Deficit to Self-Worth & Fulfilment


With Dr. Manijeh Motaghy and Guest Teachers

Self-love Deficit Disorder causes pain and suffering in all aspects of life and relationships. It makes it hard to be independently happy, and fulfilled. Learn what’s in the way and how to move to a more productive self-loving state.

Life is Relentlessly Passing!

Challenge Yourself NOW and Transform Your Life.

We’re working on offering courses both online and in-person. They’ll for sure be live online.


Awaken the Wise You is a nine month journey comprised of five courses. Each course is six weeks with a 2-week break in between. Nine months of immersive experience designed to cultivate the wise in you so you can transform difficulties and blocks into personal accountability and happiness. Empowering a life of wisdom, purpose, intention, and connection. Though each class may be taken individually, they are designed to cover necessary aspects as described to strengthen the qualities of self-love, peacefulness, skillfulness in navigating difficult situations, and experiencing the benefits of sublime emotions. The content is based on a comprehensive transdisciplinary approach (science, universal spirituality, psychology, and inner-wisdom) to healing, personal development, transformation, and living a conscious and fulfilling life.

Five Carefully Selected Courses:

From our comprehensive catalog of courses, we’ve selected five of the best to begin your journey. Along with tools and practices, these courses integrate natural, rational, emotional, psychological, and spiritual life lessons to awaken and train the wise that already exists within you. Even the child who is destined to be the Dalai Lama has to go under a lifetime of training to establish consciousness, wisdom, and compassion.

Let These Courses Awaken the Wise You!

For many years, I have attended numerous of Manijeh's classes, retreats, and meditation sittings. These have been the catalysts and ongoing support for a continuing practice of mindful awareness, meditation, compassion, and loving-kindness. Manijeh's depth of knowledge and wisdom have guided me in my journey of personal growth. Her offerings are an investment in self-care and self-love while promoting a peaceful global community.

~ Maria Vara, Educator and Sound Healer

MLO 102: Essentials for Self-Care and Healing

Six-Thursdays; March 21- April 25; from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, PDT (CLOSED)

If you are grappling with a stressful situation, illness, inflation, demanding jobs, or caring for others and neglecting your health, this course will set you on the right path.

Study shows "Consistent self-care can increase concentration, diminish depression and anxiety, decrease stress and frustration, and increase energy and happiness. Self-care can positively affect our physical health by decreasing stroke, cancer, and heart disease (Glowiak, 2020)."

We begin the Awaken the Wise You journey with this holistic course filled with caring lessons and practices for nurturing your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We strengthen your heart of self-compassion, cultivate wise actions, and explore alternative methods to offer you a diverse toolkit for self-care and healing. Online Live & Recorded

MLO 103: From Self-Love Deficit to Self-Worth and Fulfilment

Six-Thurs, May 16 to June 20th; 6:30 to 8:30 PM, PDT

Reports show only 13% of women say they practice self-love regularly, compared to 5% of men. 1 in 3 people globally struggle with self-acceptance and self-value. This translates into a harsh emotional life of ups and downs creating relationship issues and painful experiences full of drama, running around to please others so that some day they could love you as much.

Have you reached that moment, where your life makes less and less sense? You want to be authentic, put yourself first, not the narcissists in your life, and it's not easy. If you'd like to stop pretending that everything is fine, and the hope that you'll finally get that love you deserve, well, you're not alone. Loving oneself is a skill many people miss learning.

In this course, we go deeper, look at the spectrum of self-love deficit disorder to narcissism-both of which are deeply piercing. You'll learn practices to help develop authentic self-love, while cultivating the wise you. This course will strengthen an autonomous sense of happiness within. Online Live & Recorded.


MLO 104: Cultivating Emotional Wisdom For A Strong Immune System

Six-Thurs; July 11 to August 15; 6:30 to 8:30 PM, PDT

Science shows emotional stress is a major cause of physical illnesses including cancer, autoimmune conditions, and chronic diseases. Our emotions are linked to our immune systems and can either empower or hinder it.

Learn which emotions protect and which disrupt your immune system and how to manage them.

Here, we discuss how emotions are mostly learned, expected of us, and even forced upon us. Unknowingly, we attach to these emotions and react, making our bodies ill and our hearts sick with unhappiness.

You will learn ways to cleanse emotions that are disruptive and healthier ways of experiencing as well as expressing. Online Live & Recorded.

Mindful Life Optimization catalog
MLO 106: Cultivate Sublime Emotions for Greater Fulfilment
Six-Thurs, September 5 to October 10; 6:30 to 8:30 PM, PDT

Are you on a hamster wheel trying to manifest happiness, depending on external sources, relationships, materials, status, etc., to feel fulfilled, and can't get off?

Let the nourishment come from within by cultivating sublime nurturing emotion.

After gaining emotional wisdom in MLO 104: Emotional Wisdom for a Strong Immune System, we strengthen the heart, mind, and body by developing emotions that are healing, natural, and sublime. Awakening the Wise You through practices that help elevate you in love, compassion, joy, connectedness, and steadiness, as you deserve to cultivate these sublime emotions and enjoy life more fully. Online Live & Recorded.

cultivating sublime emotions

MLO 201: Cultivating PAM to Maintain Happiness, A Preventative Accountability Model

Six-Thurs, Nov 7 to Dec 19; from 6:30 - 8:30 PM, PDT (Nov 28th OFF)

Life is full of interactions and relationships, which can cause regret and pain. Are you stuck with blaming, rationalizing, or denying? Do you wish you were better able to account for yourself and create better options?

Learn how to get ahead of painful experiences, mistakes, and do-overs. Live anchored in a healthy, stress-free, and accountable life.

After emotional transformation in previous courses, we utilize those sublime emotions and Wise Intention to further adjust the process and result of our choices and actions. This is an empowering course that equips you with valuable skills to proactively get out of the victim loop. Rooted in a deep understanding of human suffering and its causes, we offer practical strategies and preventative actions that keep Awakening the Wise You. A transformative journey towards a more conscious approach to life and maintaining happiness. Online Live & Recorded.

Mary Aroyan

Manijeh’s teachings have helped increase accountability with myself, improve in habits/actions regarding our planet and increasingly become a better clinician. Her Life Optimization Method and approach exceed the training and education we’ve received to become therapists. It incorporates more depth into treatment regardless of diagnosis. It helps achieve a healthy happy lifestyle rather than just coping strategies/tools

~ Mary Aroyan, Psychotherapist

Instructor’s Bio

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy is an Organizational Psychologist and UCLA Affiliate Mindfulness Teacher. She is certified by NYU InnerMBA in creating Conscious Teams and Leaders. With over 15 years of intense Buddhist practice and helping thousands of people, she understand the inner-workings of the human mind and the causes for human suffering. She has trained teams and executives at fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Health Net, and Kaiser. She has designed and implemented hundreds of courses and retreats, taught thousands of people, published hundreds of blogs, and spoken at numerous conferences and summits and universities, globally.

Most importantly, Manijeh shares how she healed herself from her childhood traumas, the grief of losing her son, and living with optimal inner peace and joy.

Manijeh’s ongoing personal practice, development, and Life Optimization Methodology continue to have a real positive impact on her students, clients, and the global community.

She is an AI Enthusiast and a blogger and contributor on the Planet Positive 2030 project for Stanford Advanced Technology for a Sustainable Planet, offering recommendations on how to address human transformation in order to achieve climate healing globally. Read more.

Manijeh, I just want to let you know what an inspiration you are to me to stay on this path. Your ability to find joy and happiness in light of the passing of your son never ceases to amaze me. Thank you.

~ Andrea Milton, Dietitian

In What Ways Will These Courses Awaken the Wise in Me?

  • By engaging a transdisciplinary approach, crossing boundaries between disciplines, domains of systems thinking, human and environmental sciences and practical applications to help you dive deeper within.
  • By making universal and spiritual laws and principles accessible, you see the nature of reality.

  • By acquiring pertinent knowledge, source codes, and the path to develop dependable happiness, your brain evolves with a new and improved programming.
  • By learning and incorporating silence, meditation, and insight, you become wiser and more authentic. *Prior meditation or Mindfulness experience is not required.

  • The instructor's personal journey of healing and penetrating the authentic nature of life, and her life examples make an excellent model to inspire you develop essential skills and traits for living a happy fulfilled life.

Studying Life Optimization with Manijeh, I’ve become a better leader and manager by integrating qualities of empathy, loving kindness, self-compassion, and equanimity into the workplace. My insomnia, stress, anxieties, and self-doubts have greatly diminished. I feel far more patient, aware and comfortable with myself.

~ Meryl Lander, VP of Operations, Global Tech Company

Ideal For People Who

Awaken the Wise You course series are perfect for those seeking deeper personal development, improved accountability, healing, and self-love. The MLO methodology utilized here is great for aspiring facilitators, coaches, spiritual teachers, trainers, or anyone on the path to discovering the voice of their wise-self. Whether you're trying to navigate life and work transitions, seeking deeper meaning, or aiming to enhance your emotional and mental resilience, Awaken the Wise You offers a nurturing and transformative environment for growth.

Certification Pathway:

Completion of this course series counts as some of the prerequisite courses to obtain the MLO Facilitation Certification, equipping participants with the foundational knowledge, experience, and growth to guide others on their journey of self-discovery and conscious living.

Program Dates:

  • All sessions meet on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, (US Pacific Time). Recordings will be provided.

  • Course 1: MLO 102: Methods for Self-Care & Self-Healing; (March 21, 24; April 4, 11, 18, 25; May 2 & 9 OFF)

  • Course 2: MLO 103: Intro to Self-Love Deficit and Self-Love; (May 16, 23, 30; June 6, 13, 20; June 27 & July 4 OFF)

  • Course 3: MLO 104: Develop Emotional Sobriety; (July 11, 18, 25; Aug 1, 8, 15; Aug 22 & 29 OFF)

  • Course 4: MLO 106: Cultivate Sublime Emotions for Greater Fulfilment; (Sept 5, 12, 19, 26; Oct 3, 10; Oct 17 & 24 OFF)

  • Course 5: MLO 201: PPA, the Preventative Personal Accountability to Ensure a Beneficial Life; (Oct 31, Nov 7, 14, 21; Dec 5, 19; Nov 28, Thanksgiving OFF)

Program Structure:

  • Six weekly online sessions per course, beginning with check-in, short meditation practice, lecture, dyads, reflections, and experiential exercises.

  • Partnership with a Journey Buddy for collaborative work and support in understanding and growing.
  • A short reflection paper per course on topics of study & practice based on personal interest.

  • Q & A and opportunities to share your progress with classmates.

  • Reading and discussions in class.

  • Mindful movement, Mindful breaks, and more.

By Purchasing the Five Courses You’ll Receive Two Bonuses.

1. Select all five courses and SAVE $250

2. Receive a digital copy of Dr. Motaghy's upcoming book, "It's Not Easy to Be Human: An Imperative Personal/Leadership Guide to Transform Biases, Exploitation, Anxiety, and Suffering Into Wisdom and A Thriving Life on Earth"

Bonnie Janofsky, Composer

Understanding my mental patterns and expectations has expanded my horizon, from hopelessness to hopefulness. Watching the real me emerge, I am encouraged to expand out of my comfort zone, blossoming into living life fully.

~ Bonnie Janofsky, Composer

Program Summary

  1. A Unique Holistic Approach
  2. A Digital copy of Dr. Motaghy's upcoming book, It's Not Easy to Be Human, Mindfully Optimizing Life
  3. 30 Training Modules taught by Dr. Manijeh Motaghy
  4. 60 hours live/online, learning, relaxation, and practice
  5. 5 short reflection papers on topics discussed in the course
  6. A Journey Buddy for support and development
  7. Continued Pathway to MLO Certification (A Professional Pathway to Livelihood)
  8. Discounted options for private learning with Dr. Manijeh Motaghy
  9. Extra 30 minutes weekly guided meditation live on Zoom
  10. Pay in 10-Easy Payments

I am forever in debt to Manijeh. Her teachings have empowered me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. My life has been immensely enriched. The practice of cultivating wisdom and wholesome qualities has brought me peace and happiness. Manijeh’s wide range of topics have increased my awareness and love for all living beings and our environment.

~ Randy Shultz, Entrepreneur

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