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MLO 102: Become Mindful and Resilient

Relieve Inner-Obstacles to Optimize Personal

& Planetary Wellbeing

(Live Online Course)

MLO 102: Become Mindful and Resilient

Six-Wednesdays, May 8 – June 12

6:30 – 8:30 PM, (PDT)

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Instructor’s Message about Become Mindful and Resilient Course.

Become Mindful and Resilient is a follow-up to the MLO 101: Intro to Mindful Life Optimization, Mindful Living, which set the foundation for regenerating our human lives and our planet.

Hello Friend,

In MLO 102, Become Mindful and Resilient course, we look at mental qualities that prevent us from reaching a joyful and interconnected life.

There are inner-obstacles that all of us humans deal with (clinging, aversion, restlessness, lethargy, and doubt) that are a part of our daily experience. Obstacles hinder us from having peaceful moments and drive us to make unwise choices that end in more harm and unhappiness.

Our programming is filled with these inner-obstacles. Knowing them and learning how to reduce them will improve resilience, wisdom, and peace.

As we guide you to decode aspects of your programming that are hindered by these inner-obstacles, you get to know yourselves in deeper more compassionate ways and relate with others with more understanding.

The good news is you can Mindfully Optimize all of your ineffective programming.

Ways Become Mindful and Resilient Can Transform Inner Obstacles to Wisdom and Clarity:

Are you tired of not being able to remain peaceful and focused in meditation for more than a few minutes?

Learn about inner-obstacles that cause agitation, clinging, restlessness, drowsiness, and doubt and how to reduce them.

Responsible adults

Are you unable to stop doing and become restless or fade out when you do?

Living in a fast-paced society, it’s normal to not stop the ongoing energy. Learn about high and low energies and how to self-soothe your mind and body.

Do you get stuck doubting your meditation or your life & work process?

Learn techniques that help you know doubt and how to resolve it as an obstacle so you can see clearly what’s important in life.

Are aversion and judgment, attachment and craving taking over your life and joy?

Let’ give you appropriate perspective and tools that help reprogram joy into your life.

Testimonial about Perfectly Here

Manijeh’s teachings have helped increase accountability with myself, improve in habits/actions regarding our planet and increasingly become a better clinician. Her Life Optimization Method and approach exceed the training and education we’ve received to become therapists. It incorporates more depth into treatment regardless of diagnosis. It helps achieve a healthy happy lifestyle rather than just coping strategies/tools

~ Mary Aroyan, Psychotherapist

For the first time, I feel so comfortable with having an ADHD brain, It’s like coming out. I feel hopeful for my children and so happy I can understand them so much better. Thank you.

~ Rose P., Mother

Studying Life Optimization with Manijeh, I’ve become a better leader and manager by integrating qualities of empathy, loving kindness, self-compassion, and equanimity into the workplace. My insomnia, stress, anxieties, and self-doubts have greatly diminished. I feel far more patient, aware and comfortable with myself.

~ Meryl Lander, VP of Operations, Global Tech Company

Course Modules

Module 1

Human Brain & Programming

Why the Inner Obstacles to Resilience Form
  • Understanding human brain biases

  • Overview of the five obstacles to peace and happiness

  • Mindfulness practice to build resilience and calm the mind

Emotions of a man

Module 2

Mindfulness Expectations, Clinging

Understanding Change & Impact

  • Exploring which desires are necessary, which harmful

  • Working with clinging in meditation & real life

  • Mindfulness and heart practices for letting go

Module 3

Inner Obstacle of Aversion

Difference Between Resistance and Wisdom

  • Signs of unhealthy resistance
  • How Aversion causes stress on the mind, people, and the environment

  • Mindfulness tools for practice and release

Module 4

Resilience to Restlessness

Regulating Energy

  • Mental and physical hyperactivity – daily stress

  • The wheel under our body, actions, and choices

  • Calming and soothing Mindfulness tools

mindfulness practices for ADHD

Module 5

Overcoming Lethargy

Getting a Handle on Life

  • Being pulled down by drowsiness, fogginess, loss of awareness

  • Ways to generate self-awareness, confidence, and proper choice

  • Mindfulness practices to create clarity and alertness

Module 6

Relief from Debilitating Doubt

Recognition and Trust

  • Understanding unhealthy doubt that prevents progress

  • Mindfulness and heart practice to overcome doubt

  • Next steps for optimizing the benefits of Mindfulness

Understanding my mental patterns and expectations has expanded my horizon, from hopelessness to hopefulness. Watching the real me emerge, I am encouraged to expand out of my comfort zone, blossoming into living life fully.

~ Bonnie Janofsky, Composer

I am forever in debt to Manijeh. Her teachings have empowered me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. My life has been immensely enriched. The practice of cultivating wisdom and wholesome qualities has brought me peace and happiness. Manijeh’s wide range of topics have increased my awareness and love for all living beings and our environment.

~ Randy Shultz, Entrepreneur

Course Fee: $220

Scholarship Rate: $175

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