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Addressing Eco-Anxiety

Feb 27, 23, 10:00 – 11:00 AM (US, Canada)

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A personal guide to effective and enjoyable lifestyle changes and relieving Eco-Anxiety.

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FREE EVENT – Donations are appreciated. Non-profit 501C3

At Connection-Hour, we strive to create a safe, friendly space for people around the world to come together and discuss our shared human and planetary issues. We understand that mindfulness and conscious living are practices that require a commitment to happiness, and we want to provide an opportunity for people to come together and engage with one another, wise teachers, and wise friends. Our monthly sessions are free and open to all!

We share our lives and what’s important to us in a loving and caring space for ourselves and others who join from around the world. We urge you to enhance your commitment to global wellness, including our planet, which we are all a part of and benefit from. We will provide a virtual space for cultivating meaningful friendships, learning how to feel safe, and making others feel safe. All are welcome.

We invite you to participate in developing the Mission, Vision, Rules of Conduct, and Non-Discrimination Manifesto to benefit everyone. Please email Info@PerfectlyHere.org us if you are willing to contribute to this process.

Each month we will pick a topic to reflect on and cultivate. Please check below for upcoming topics.

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Guiding Teacher: Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Dr. Motaghy will be our lead speaker and facilitator guiding us toward a sense of inner stability and light. The format will include meditation, break-out sessions, a topic for exploration, and Q & A.

Please join us for a loving, caring, and happy session connecting with friends and wise teachers. Share your life questions, and learn how to live life without suffering from guiding teachers who walk the path of wisdom and compassion. Together we deepen our knowledge of the mystery of happiness.

Adjunct Teachers & Speakers

We will invite adjunct teachers and speakers from time to time to enhance our sense of community and friendships with diverse creative hearts, and innovative minds. We aim to create an inclusive space for all to feel welcomed and cared for.

Volunteer Opportunities:

We welcome those who are interested in taking part in flourishing this Global Wise Compassionate Beloved Community. Tasks include helping refine our message, spreading the word, posting to Social Media, coordinating speakers, sending out announcement emails, and other admin tasks. Please send an email to info@perfectlyhere.org, and someone will get back to you shortly. Thank you for your kindness and support.

Support Our Programs:

We are a 501C3 non-profit organization, and all donations are fully tax-deductible. Should you like to support our efforts, please Click Here.

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ZOOM Recording Disclosure

All participants via Zoom Meeting understand that the entire session is being recorded by Perfectly Here and or their Speakers. These recordings may be re-broadcasted in other venues at the speaker’s sole discretion. The recordings will only show the speaker’s image and not any of the Participants. The recordings will, however, include the audio voice of any speaking participant. By registering as a Participant in this training, you consent to have your voice recorded if you decide to speak during the sessions.

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