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Spring Day Retreat will help you connect with the time of rebirth. Life can be difficult in the fast lane. Trying to please everyone, taking care of so many responsibilities, and sometimes chaotic situations. If you are craving to have time for yourself, this is a day of peace and joy.

It’s like adopting a peaceful and compassionate family for a day.

Life is Within & Without

Day Format

We will practice a series of meditations, sitting, walking, and silence practices designed to help clear your mind and heart from the challenges of daily life. To settle in your body, relax, rejuvenate, and create space for what’s most important to you in life. The silence practice will be throughout the day and during lunch. It is often loved by participants who have never even imagined themselves being silent while being with others or eating. It is comforting to not have to have something to say or have no obligations to respond.

In any case, it is not completely silent, because the teacher is providing meditation and wisdom guidance. there is laughter, and also there are times allocated for Q & A.


In this day retreat, we will provide topics for reflection to examine inner intentions and see ways wise intention can be beneficial to you and your life. You can reflect on topics of the past, occurring in the present, or in the future. We do this not just for your benefit, but also for those you love, and those you work with and interact with in different settings. Examining your dream of peace and sanity, happiness, and love and cultivating both decision-making skills as well as seeing the outcome of your actions.


We all need a vision for a day retreat and for life. One that can inspire us, and propel us to make choices in the right direction. A vision for a future that is bright, safe, welcoming, nourishing, and fair to all. A future where we are free of stress and anxiety and where our children are happy and carefree.

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This is a hybrid retreat, both online and in person. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email, instructions, and a zoom link for those attending online. to join the meeting.

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