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This is a Hybrid Retreat (in-person and on Zoom – the link will be in your receipt)

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A Mindful Day of Retreat is an opportunity to take time off and reset your mind and brain. Attending this day is to create some ease and well-being in your personal, relational, and professional life.

In the Mindful Day retreat, we guide you in meditation and reflection and develop insights and peacefulness in your lives. Spending a day for yourself to rejuvenate, relax, and reconnect with your heart. There will be wisdom teachings and guidance throughout the day.

Calming Obsessive Thoughts and Grounding in The Body:

As the day progresses, it will gradually ease the burdens of the ever-thinking mind and provide some level of peace. You will practice connecting with sensations in your body and learn how to become present at any time and during any circumstance.


The Mindful Day of Retreat offers gentle practices that help you relax, rejuvenate, and see more clearly what’s most important in your life. We practice quietly throughout the day and during lunch to provide space for participants to go inward and enjoy not having to respond. It is often loved by participants who have never even imagined themselves being quiet and at ease amongst others. It is comforting not to always have to have something to say.

Q & A:

There will be time for questions after each wisdom talk or guidance.


Please note, that we have kept our prices the same for the past 15 years and we must make an adjustment to account for inflation and rising costs. If you are unable to pay any of the pay levels, please contact us via email to make other arrangements. We thank you for your understanding and patronage.

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