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Intention and Mindfulness go hand in hand. Intention can be a goal or a purpose. It can also serve as a grand overarching meaning and intent for how you like to live your life. This grand overarching intent is known as Wise Intention, taught by the great Buddha. Wise Intention has three clear measures. These are non-harming, loving-kindness, and generosity or letting go. When we act from this core place we infuse harmony and effectiveness in all that we do. Our conflicts reduce and resolve. We become satisfied and content with our gains, and we are able to live happier freer lives.

At this retreat, we use the day in the following way.


Series of meditations, sitting, walking, and silence practices are designed to help clear your mind and heart from the challenges of daily life. To settle in your body, relax, rejuvenate and create space for what’s most important to you in life. The silence practice will be throughout the day and during lunch. It is often loved by participants who have never even imagined themselves being silent while being with others or eating. It is comforting to not have to have something to say. No obligations to respond. For those that silence might feel too uncomfortable, the retreat offers ways of mitigating it. In any case, it is not completely silent, because the teacher is providing meditation and wisdom guidance. There also is time for Q & A.


We will provide topics for reflection to examine inner intentions and see ways wise intention can be beneficial to you and your life. You can reflect on topics of the past, occurring in the present, or in the future. We do this not just for your benefit, but also for those you love, and those you work with and interact with in different settings. Examining your dream of peace and sanity, happiness, and love and cultivating both decision-making skills as well as seeing the outcome of your actions.


We all need a vision. One that can inspire us, and propel us to make choices in the direction we intend to move. A vision for a future that is bright, safe, welcoming, nourishing, and fair to all. A future where we are free of stress and anxiety and where our children are happy and carefree.

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