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Overview of Getting Your Happiness Tools Right

Getting the Right Happiness Tools for some might be refining their understanding of happiness and sharpen their tools. For others, it could offer a whole new perspective.

This free webinar is to empower therapists, coaches, and those in the training field. All levels are welcome.

For most people happiness is not a constant. Not something they can hold on to and be done with getting it. In fact, the USA’s Constitutional Rights give us the Right To Pursue Happiness.

An interesting concept and frame of reference. It doesn’t say we have the right to have happiness or to be happy. It says we have the right to pursue it. By the nature of pursuit, we may be always one step away, never quite reaching the ultimate happiness.

In this Webinar, from the Life Intelligence & Optimization Methodologies, we will explore:

  • How emotions contribute to or take away happiness and how to fix that.
  • Happiness in the absence of suffering.
  • Ways we’ve gotten the heart wrong.

This webinar is to improve the work of therapy and coaching so that your outcomes can be that much more effective. We will also be offering a seven-week course to Power Up Your Therapy & Coaching Practice with Life Optimization Methodology

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