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Life Optimization by Meditation & Mindful Living.

This course is open to all levels of experience.

Instructor: Randy Shultz

Guest Presenter: Andrea Milton (Tips on Sustainable Living)


This course will teach you how to Live Mindfully with No Stress, a six-week course that will teach you how to bring Mindfulness into your life and work to reduce stress, and physical pain, eat mindfully, and communicate with more presence. You will learn different types of Mindfulness meditations, in different postures.

You’ll learn to live mindfully with no stress through a simple framework around the four foundations of Mindfulness, how each foundation works, and how to apply them to your personal life as well as to the environment.

While you learn to live mindfully with no stress, you’ll take away tools to improve your personal life and planetary well-being, living a green life.

Each session includes light meditation, lecture, Q & A, Dyads, Breakout rooms, and hands-on home practices to help you embody a mindful mind and life.

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