Randy Shultz is a spiritual mentor and sound bath performer. Randy was born and continues to reside in Los Angeles, California. He has a passionate love for his family and friends. A grandfather of four, and owner of a successful local business, Randy can be seen daily listening to anyone who needs a moment and sharing the wisdom of Mindfulness and Compassion.

His journey into Mindful Life Optimization began over 20 years ago when he started facilitating support groups and parenting classes. His unwavering desire was to help those craving for techniques to deal with the effects of someone else’s addiction. Ten years and hundreds of sessions later, he was drawn to a structured path of Mindful and conscious living.

Randy has been with Perfectly Here, as a board member, volunteer, and supporter, taking almost every Mindfulness course and retreat since 2015. He wholeheartedly believes in and makes every effort to help accomplish the 20-year vision laid out by Dr. Motaghy, Perfectly Here’s founder.

Benefiting from the Ajahn Cha Forest Buddhist practice and tradition, Randy has spent time at the Abhayagiri monastery in Northern California as well as other branch monasteries in Thailand to hone his meditation and wisdom practices.

Coached and trained by Dr. Manijeh Motaghy, Randy has a great understanding of human suffering and ways to alleviate them. He has been freely offering guided meditations on Zoom every Friday morning, please feel free to join him at 7:30 AM, Pacific Time.

Randy is making an impact by teaching MLO 101: Intro to Mindful Life Optimization, Mindful Living. His consistent practice has become an inspiration to all.