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Year-End Forgiveness Mindful Retreat is to help let go of extra baggage. To begin the year with a fresh outlook and joy. Taking time for self-care and reflecting on that which occupies the mind. Self-forgiveness, other forgiveness, and releasing the obligation to suffer for what was done wrong. During this day we help you relax and enjoy gentle meditations and other activities to nourish your mind, heart, and body with love and forgiveness.

Let’s finish the year by offloading some unnecessary burdens of resentment and suffering. We’re all human and it is not easy to be one.

Take a day off, reset, become present and mindful, and lift the weight of requirements set by the mind for happiness.

At this Mindfully Relax Day Retreat, we spend the day in the following ways.


Year-End Forgiveness Mindful Retreat includes a series of meditations, sitting, walking, and Mindful practices designed to help clear your mind and heart from the challenges of daily life, stress, and overwhelm. These gentle practices help you settle in your body, relax, rejuvenate, and create space to tend to what’s most important in your life, you. We practice quietly throughout the day and during lunch. It is often loved by participants who have never even imagined themselves being quiet and at ease amongst others. It is comforting to not always have to have something to say. The day is not completely silent, as the teacher provides meditation and wisdom guidance with time for Q&A.


Our guiding teacher, Dr. Motaghy, will provide wisdom and topics for reflection to examine inner intentions and see ways to strengthen peace and stability in your life. Using specific themes, you can reflect on your past, the present, and what will be in the future. A process that will not only benefit you but also those you love, work and interact with within different settings.


We all need a proper higher vision. One that can inspire us, and propel us to make choices in healthy directions. A vision for a future that is bright, safe, welcoming, nourishing, and fair to all. A future where we are free of stress and anxiety and where our children are happy and carefree. Holding such higher visions in mind and heart, we will walk with ease feeling the generosity of Mother Earth in every step and cultivating a deeper connection to her. We become even more open to ways we can honor her generosity and experience contentment in return.


Please note, that we have kept our prices the same for the past 15 years and we must make an adjustment to account for inflation and rising costs. If you are experiencing true hardship and in need of a scholarship, please contact us via email to help you out. We thank you for your understanding and patronage.

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