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Introduction to Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD

Empowering Your Brilliance To Enjoy An Optimal Life.

(Live Online Course)

Introduction to Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD

Six-Wednesdays, September 19 to October 24; from 12-2 PM (PDT)

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Without proper training, we undermine our own brilliance, go from one thing to another, and feel self-doubt that we will never arrive.

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy

Instructor’s message about Introduction to Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD

Hi there,

I’m here to reassure you that as an ADHD adult you are brilliant, which you know, but also you are definitely able to be present and attentive.

There are perfectly good reasons (no, not being defective, or disordered) that you ignore tasks, leave them unfinished, don’t put things back where they belong, act impulsively, lose interest, become bored, anxious, hyper-sensitive to blame, have no sense of time, forget important things, and can’t stick with things to the finish line.

Through years of work with thousands of clients Dr. William Dodson, psychiatrist, tells us the ADHD brain simply functions differently than the 80% – 90% of the rest of the society who are “Neurotypicals.” For example, you become motivated, engaged, focused and on top of things in 4-5 completely unique ways than others do. This can cause you to be hyper focused or not engaged. There are several other differences.

Most doctors are not educated about these differences and treat according to old DSM paradigms. Unfortunately, most tips, including regular Mindfulness aimed to fix these issues have failed, leaving the ADHD adult feel hopeless and stuck.

There is good news.

When you understand how Adult ADHD brain works and develop the skills to do things according to your brain, you can reduce almost all of those challenges and live a successful happy life.

All my life I felt that I didn’t fit in, couldn’t follow through, too sensitive, too distracted, and just a failure, until this class. It almost feels like coming out. I have a new found hope.

~ student

Ways Intro to Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD Course Can Enhance Your Life.

The Hallmark of This Course

  • You will learn from the instructor’s personal journey of challenges, growth, development and how she came to optimize her own life and happiness.

  • Her years of effort experiencing Mindfulness practices, testing various methodologies, understanding the unique obstacles that prohibit the brilliance and strengths of this brain type yielded in some clear instructions and exercises for developing the ADHD brain.

Scientific Evidence

  • Science indicates Mindful Awareness can reduce worry, anxiety, forgetfulness, impulsive reactions, and hypersensitivity.

  • We also know that the human brain has elasticity and plasticity quality. Meaning it can change, grow, and develop with new neurons and neuropathways.

  • With training and practice, you can fine tune your brain to reduce tardiness, fogginess, and confusion, improve attentiveness, continuity, and task completion. You are naturally present and can learn to how harness this natural strength of being present.

The ADHD Brain & Mindfulness

In this four weeks introductory course, you learn about your brain’s unique qualities and natural strengths and how to use its natural functions to reduce the challenges of living in a neurotypical world.

Designed with Mindfulness techniques for the ADHD nervous system, you will pick up modified Mindfulness tools and practices appropriate to the way the ADHD brain can utilize best.

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Instructor’s Bio

Dr. Manijeh Motaghy is an Organizational Psychologist and UCLA Authorized Mindfulness teacher. She is certified by NYU InnerMBA in creating Conscious Teams and Leaders. She has trained teams and executives at fortune 500 companies such as Disney, Health Net, and Kaiser. She has designed and implemented hundreds of courses and retreats, taught thousands of people, published hundreds of blogs, and spoken at numerous conferences, summits and universities.

Manijeh’s journey to understanding her ADD brain, its challenges and strengths and how she went about healing herself, childhood traumas, and the immense grief of the loss of her son, and gained optimal inner peace and joy is a phenomenal achievement to hear and learn from.

Manijeh’s ongoing personal practice, development, and Life Optimization Methodology continue to have a real positive impact on her students, clients, and the global community.

She is an AI Enthusiast and a contributor on the Planet Positive 2030 project designed by Stanford University and IEEE for a Sustainable Planet, offering recommendations on how to address human transformation in order to address climate change globally.

Andrea Milton

Manijeh, I just want to let you know what an inspiration you are to me to stay on this path. Your ability to find joy and happiness in light of the passing of your son never ceases to amaze me. Thank you.

~ Andrea Milton, Dietician, (this student has not taken the ADHD class)

What Makes Mindfulness Applications for Adult ADHD A Unique Program?

  • In this course we adopt a more accurate view of this brain type. Not as a disorder rather a unique type of nervous system with unique set of functionalities that are not in line with the most popular brain type, known as neurotypical.
  • Understanding these differences and the unique qualities of an Interest-Based Nervous System, aka ADHD we’ve custom designed a training program to first and foremost bring ease and assurance to individuals with this brain type and to provide the means to develop the individual properly.

  • Offers detailed effective Mindfulness practices.

Studying Life Optimization with Manijeh, I’ve become a better leader and manager by integrating qualities of empathy, loving kindness, self-compassion, and equanimity into the workplace. My insomnia, stress, anxieties, and self-doubts have greatly diminished. I feel far more patient, aware and comfortable with myself.

~ Meryl Lander, VP of Operations, Global Tech Company, (this student has not taken the ADHD class)

What’s In The Introduction Mindful Life Optimization for Adult ADHD?

Module 1

Living in a Neurotypical World

Motivation & Focus
  • Differences between ADHD and Neurotypical

  • What Motivates and keep ADHDer focused

  • Mindfulness practices to increase motivation and focus

Module 2

The Path to Becoming Mindful

A New Paradigm & Practice

  • Misunderstanding about ADHD
  • A fantastic view and model for development

  • Mindfulness practice to begin the process

Module 3

What are Challenges Are Strengths

The ADHD Brain is Primed to Be Mindful

  • Living in the present moment

  • Disorganization, Procrastination, Clutter are Strategies
  • Home practices to re-align

Module 4

Emotional and Sense Hypersensitivities

Ways to Improve Relationship Issues

  • 3 default responses that cause relationship issues

  • Self-awareness & Compassion

  • The road to self-love

  • Practical Mindfulness practices

Module 5

Self-Confidence, a Lack of Self-Appraisal

Understanding One’s Impact on the World
  • Not getting what one deserves

  • Inability to register one’s impact

  • Practical Self-awareness practices

World News about Planet

Module 6

Managing Time

What Time Means to an ADHD Brain
  • Shifting Relationship

  • Interests & Distractions

  • Practical time-awareness practices

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Bonnie Janofsky, Composer

Understanding my mental patterns and expectations has expanded my horizon, from hopelessness to hopefulness. Watching the real me emerge, I am encouraged to expand out of my comfort zone, blossoming into living life fully.

~ Bonnie Janofsky, Composer (this student has not taken the ADHD class)


Program Summary

  1. Six live lecture, practice, and Q & A sessions with Dr. Manjieh Motaghy.
  2. Recording of the sessions to review for a short period of time.
  3. Reflection, Mindfulness and other home practices
  4. Mindfulness and other meditation types as apply
  5. Breakout rooms for community building and learning
  6. An extra weekly live guided Meditation opportunity
  7. Continued courses and learning & practice opportunities in Life Optimization for Adult ADHD

I am forever in debt to Manijeh. Her teachings have empowered me to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. My life has been immensely enriched. The practice of cultivating wisdom and wholesome qualities has brought me peace and happiness. Manijeh’s wide range of topics have increased my awareness and love for all living beings and our environment.

~ Randy Shultz, Entrepreneur, (this student has not taken the ADHD class)

Who should attend:

– Ages 16+ who believe are ADD/ ADHD.

– We encourage spouses, family members, teachers, therapists, coaches and trainers to attend to learn in order to support the ADHD individual effectively.

Course Fee: $200


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