August 2020
By Dr. Manijeh Motaghy – Founder of Perfectly Here and Mindful Business Institute. Affiliate MARC UCLA Mindfulness Teacher, Doctor of Psychology in Management Consulting and Member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

What would you say, if I asked, “Would you stop taking a shower, a bath?” You’d probably quiet down and think, “Why would I do that??? That’s not possible, for how long? you may ask. Well, I’d say, “Just don’t shower. Try not bathing or cleaning yourself in anyway. Why waste time and resources. Who cares anyway?” You’d most likely raise your brow, look disgusted and whisper to someone, “She’s gone mad, that lady. What village is she from? Is that what they do where she comes from?” You’d walk away and ignore anything else I’d have to say. I’d lose all credibility as a civilized person.

Someone Who Cares Enough

Might even take time to enlighten me that our bodies are alive. We shed cells like all animals. We need to wash dead cells off our bodies. If we don’t we’d smell like dead animals and it would not be tolerable to anyone. This kind person may continue by explaining that when piled up on our bodies, dead cells would bring us down emotionally, too. Make us feel crummy, lazy, and indifferent to happiness. So, we’ve learned to shower, to cleanse and relieve ourselves of such downers. Other animals do it as well. It’s become an automatic process, which we’ve had to learn.

That is the time, I’d become smart and ask my follow up question, “Then why don’t you shower and cleanse the dead cells off your mind regularly as well?”

It’s Interesting Because

when you are in circles where no one cleanses their minds regularly, people are not able to notice how bad their own minds as well as others’ minds reek. Everyone thinks the same ways, complains the same ways, demands the same ways or just does not know how to reach a peaceful happy state of mind. That’s because they don’t take time to cleanse their minds off all the junk that enters it. All the faulty perceptions and assumptions they come up with. All the judgments and shame, rejection and greed they entertain. Ways of thinking that kill happiness cells faster than those cells can be reborn. All of these mental dead cells pile up and turn into mental illness. No one wants to be with you and you don’t want to be with yourself either because of your mind’s way of thinking and reeking.

With All Due Respect and Compassion,

I am trying to make an important point here and that is to please take the hygiene of your mind and emotions as seriously as you’d take your physical hygiene. Don’t let your mind be a source of disturbance to yourself and others. Meditate regularly. At least as regular as you bathe your body. That is really a must if you want to live with ease and joy. Have mercy on others! Cleanse your mind.

Here is a guided meditation to cleanse your mind.

Mental Hygiene Meditation