I am really baffled by how often I hear my students mention that their boss could use Mindfulness At Work training and when I ask, “Why don’t you tell them?” They respond, “Oh no, she doesn’t care. She just wants to get things done and done them her own way. She’d never go for it.” Or say, “They don’t care about AWARENESS, they just want us to do more using the same strategies that don’t work.”

A man with a face in pain from stress of his work environment stood above my head as I was gardening and talking about my goal of establishing the Mindful Business Institute. With despair in his eyes he said, “Do you really think that corporations would ever be willing to include awareness and mindfulness into their work?” “Yes I do.” I responded. “Look at you. You work at a large corporation and you have opened up to the benefits of mindfulness practices. Yes, it has already started to take root.” I smiled.

As I thought about how often I hear these responses, I asked the question: Aren’t Bosses Human too? Don’t they suffer as much as and sometimes more than their employees? Don’t they have stress and dissatisfaction in their lives? Don’t they also seek happiness and comfort in their day to day life? Even those who can buy everything and everybody with money, don’t they do it because they seek more happiness? The answer to all of these questions were, YES, THEY DO. Bosses, too, are human and seek the same basic needs as their direct reports or teams do which is a dependable sense of success, happiness, and well-being. In my opinion Mindfulness training, which has solid scientific research and proof behind it does increase success and profitability in addition to good mental, emotional and physical health.

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