Being part of a couple relationship is a great opportunity to practice and cultivate the sense of connectedness, compassion and love. Of course, with lives moving so fast it is easier to disconnect, criticize or blame. Often, we get lost in our own thoughts, expectations and emotions and disconnect from our partner; get caught up in thinking our partner should be able to read our minds, know what we need and to give it to us instantly with an attitude of pleasure and do so generously.
While some people are able to do this, for most the desire for being seen, heard and tended to with kindness may have become a dream or fantasy; leaving the person feeling lonely, unloved or unappreciated.
It is crucial to know that being consistently attentive, caring and understanding to one’s lover/spouse/partner is a skill that needs to be cultivated and developed. Fortunately, the skill of deeply connecting to one’s life partner with fulfilment is one of those skills that learning it pays off in so many other areas of life and work. By increasing the natural sense of confidence in the relationship tension and unnecessary conflicts reduce and there is space for joyful and respectful interactions as if you were noble beings.
If you are feeling unloved, stressed out, undesired and unable to get happiness from your relationship join us with your partner in this six week Mindfulness for Couples class and learn the skills of attentive loving; mindfully communicating, intimately relating and being. This is for both partners, specially for the one who thinks the other one needs it more. :)
– Dr. Manijeh Motaghy