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We are overjoyed to invite you to another enchanting Moonlight event, an evening infused with the radiant energy of moonlight, the healing vibrations of a sound bath, the ceremonial savor of cacao, and the lyrical charm of poetry.

This transformative experience will be hosted by our beloved guides, Manijeh and Micah in the sacred mountains of Topanga Canyon in West Hills, CA.

Our event, “Moonlight, Sound Bath, Cacao, and Poetry with Manijeh and Micah,” will take place under the soft glow of the full moon, symbolizing a moment of completion, fulfillment, and a time to celebrate growth.

We will commence with a cacao ceremony, a sacred ritual that has been practiced for centuries to connect to the heart and to inner wisdom. Relish the rich and organic taste of cacao, opening your heart and tuning your spirit into a frequency of love and gratitude.

As the cacao starts to circulate within, you will bath in the soothing and transformative waves of a sound bath. Harmonic sounds by Micha will fill the air, leading you on an inner journey of self-discovery and healing. The vibrational energy will help to calm your mind, balance your energy centers, and facilitate a state of deep relaxation.

Under the moon’s enchanting glow, you’ll then be treated to a recital of poetry by Manijeh. Each verse will tell a story, inviting you to explore a world of emotions, thoughts, and experiences. This expression of art and literature will be a perfect closing to the evening’s ceremonies, leaving you filled with peace, joy, and inspiration.

Join us for this magical blend of cacao, sound, and verse, held in the captivating glow of the moonlight. All are welcome, whether you’re new to these practices or have enjoyed them for years. Please save the date and bring a friend or two to share in the joy of our community.

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