Love, Communication, Mindfulness

Let The Mind Collapse.

by Manijeh Motaghy

It is easy to love and respect others when things are going well and favourably. They love you, praise you, do what you ask them to do. But what happens when the other person, your kid, spouse, sibling, parent, friend, lover, co-worker or boss is not hearing you out? What happens when you feel miss-understood, judged or distant? Do you feel lonely, left out, hurt, lost, angry, or confused?
It is understandable! It can be daunting, create obsessive thoughts and suffering. As a result of trying to figure it out and be relieved of the pain, an idea gets into your head. It’s enough that it sounds possible. Then you can believe and run with it and obsession follows. This happens to all of us in all kinds of circumstances.
Recently, I had such experience where I interpreted the actions of a good friend in such way that was so painful and my interpretation just felt so sure, so true. I ran it by another friend who was convinced by my reasoning. We both concluded that I was right. It all made perfect sense. Luckily, I have my practice. A place of refuge to go from the harassment of my mind. I worked on all the unpleasant feelings in my heart, my body, my mind. I looked at my desires, wants and expectations. It was a rainy day. I watched the rain and reflected on the process of the rain, sun, wetness and dryness. How we humans want rain when we want it and want sun when we want it. We loose perspective, understanding and respect for the process of things. As I realized such insight, this poem came to me. I thought I share it with you.

Let The Mind Collapse.

From the vastness of this Universe,

Came the Buddha,

Pure consciousness,

Who revealed the truth.

Don’t suffer my beloved.

It’s all the nature of existence.

To be and not to be.

To come and to go.

To have and to loose.

Don’t suffer for anything.

Let the walls drop.

The clouds vanish.

Let the butterfly fly.

And the lion ripppp.

Let the dust be dust.

And the moon be moon.

Let the breath Free.

And the mind collapse.

Let it be or not be.

Manijeh Motaghy