Hope you are doing well. I thought I share a moment of joy, peace and awareness that I experienced this morning as an example of what mindfulness might look and feel like as we practice our meditation.

This morning as I was doing a little gardening I noticed so many lives at the mercy of my fingers and my handy shovel. While pulling weeds the little space of earth would tremble as soil would displace. Nearby, the pinkish worms, some really long, some really fat and so many different bugs as they felt treat, some curling up, some running fast, some diving under the soil and even the lizards. The lizards with their amazing back-bend and jumping from the top of the rock in the corner to a disappearing flash. At that moment only one thought was present. That my actions were going to impact the lives of these beings.

My pausing to tend to my garden included allowing those beings to have their space. There was only kindness in the heart and the awareness of having to make compassionate choices. Then I realized the silence in the mind. I couldn’t think of the usual stuff because the smell of the grass, the feel of the dirt, the cool temperature on my skin, the sounds of the birds, the airplane passing, the bees buzzing and the vibrant colors surrounding had filled my entire awareness. The chattering mind had settled and was just enjoying itself on the swing of the moment. All that was present was ease and delight in my heart, soul and mind.

Once again, I saw the quality of a mindful & compassionate mind which comes from being immersed in what is happening at the moment. And I remembered why I meditate, so that I can feel the same ease and joy during other not so pleasant activities of the day. To create that effortlessness and absence of the chatter in the mind. Hence, the reason I go back to the earth and to my cushion over and over again without having to explain why.

Have a great weekend till we meet again.