By Dr. Manijeh Motaghy – Founder of Perfectly Here and Mindful Business Institute. Affiliate MARC UCLA Teacher, Doctor of Psychology in Management Consulting. Member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association.
Practicing Mindfulness to gain Insight into the nature of reality is one of the most useful applications of Mindfulness. It can lead us into peace and joy, wisdom and compassion.
During our Happiness class, we explore the concept of “Touch Down.” A term used for final achievement in football games or the final moment a plane lands safely on the ground. There is a sense of security, safety and confidence associated with the touch down of anything. All fears and doubts are lifted when your favourite team wins and when the plane lands. The mind becomes elated and feels strong. Of course, it is not reliable that we would get the touch downs of life as consistently as we can. As it didn’t happen for the fans of the latest football game who’s team lost at super bowl.
Many of you have been experiencing a lack of safety and security. From all the school shootings, viruses and plane crashes to your own daily worries and anxieties, fear and sadness is in your air. On top of everything, we are all aging and more aware of the inevitability of change and passing of time and life.
So, how do we bring our practice to all of this, in a way that can help us stay steady, equanimous and even be happy regardless? When we explore the idea of Anicca (a Poly word for inconstancy, impermanence and change), our hearts can become more resilient. The subjective experience of anicca can help us see that change is not personal, nor is it preventable. The moment our minds are quiet, the breath accessible and we have let go of clinging or aversion to the ending of something or the change, we experience a true sense of “Touch Down.”
With love and compassion,