Do You Ever Cause Traffic?

March 9, 2019

By Dr. Manijeh Motaghy- Co-Founder of Perfectly Here, Founder of Mindful Business Institute and member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

Do You Ever Cause Traffic? Well, I know, at least, I do. Every time, I take my car out on the road I cause traffic or more accurately, I add to the traffic.

Have you ever thought, “It’s rush hour, I will stay in so that I wouldn’t add to the traffic?” I ask this question from everyone in my classes and no one has yet said, yes, I do. This is not how we think.

Just imagine, if everyone acted out of consideration for others, thought about how one’s actions would impact others!! How amazing would that be! When I was in Japan, I experienced such consideration embedded into rules and behaviour of the people everywhere. It was truly special.

Here in the Western culture, a lot of our discomfort, stress, irritation and unhappiness is caused by an unawareness of our own actions and reactions, thoughts and perceptions, stories and expectations of others. We usually can’t see nor acknowledge that we are part of the cause of traffic, for example, and have no business getting upset when someone is merely going about their life, just like we are. Think about it, have you ever woken up one day and thought, “Hmm, today I will cut whoever I see at the corner of Victory Blvd and Desoto?” Chances are you haven’t. ….lol. Likewise, chances are that no one else has either. So, when you find yourself irritated, angry or impatient while driving, remember that you too maybe acting in ways you are not aware of. Therefore, you may never see that your behavior is similar to others and theirs similar to yours.

Traffic Does Not Exist!!

In fact, the word “traffic” is only a word to describe the phenomena of traffic, but traffic does not really exist. What exists is one car, one truck or other vehicle, at a time, moving towards a destination. In each of these vehicles, there is at least one human being who is going about their life, just like you do. They maybe going to a doctor’s office, or the DMV, or to get some groceries. Maybe they are picking up their kids from school or going to see their sick mother. They maybe lost in thoughts with worry, fear and anxiety about what’s about to happen in their relationship or job or just day-dreaming.

Mindfully Peaceful In Traffic.

Our Mindfulness practice can inform us when we are not Mindful, not aware and from that understanding give some room for others who are not Mindful and unaware as well. In that space of realization, we can inject a bit of compassion, kindness and wish others safety, harmony and happiness. It doesn’t really cost anything to do so and it will definitely beautify your own mind and heart. So, you can drive Mindfully peaceful in heavy traffic as well. You are not obligated to be agitated and or upset. Sit back, relax and enjoy the present moment.
With Love and Compassion,
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