Learning to Befriend Happiness

Should Be the Most Important Mission for Life!

April 2, 2019

By Dr. Manijeh Motaghy – Founder of Perfectly Here and Mindful Business Institute and member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

We all need to learn to befriend happiness, once again. It is a tragedy to loose such a meaningful friend like Happiness.

Have you thought about if you are a good friend of happiness? Making it your first priority in life, your life’s non-negotiable mission to rely on under any circumstance. This is an important question to ask yourself and investigate within your mind. You could think of your happiness as someone you can trust, protect and care for. A mate you can decide to spend the rest of your life with. Someone you cherish, grow old with and depend on. Yes, I’m talking about Happiness!

Why Do I Bring This Up?

Through many years of teaching, training and coaching, I have come to realize that often the problem is that a person is no longer friends with happiness. As if happiness has wronged them and they just won’t budge. They hold a grudge against the very feeling they are seeking so badly; going around and around from one justification to another to avoid it. They find every reason and everyone they can to blame for their misery, meanwhile, Happiness is staring them in the face and they look away!
So, what will it be? Are you going to retell old stories of misery and renew the suffering that comes with it? Are you going  to keep doubt alive, suspicion nearby and resent every little thing that doesn’t go your way? Well, I can tell you, there is no way in this world that you can get everything to go your way. No one can. Like the Buddha tells us, even if you somehow miraculously have everything workout perfectly, everyone loves and respects and listens to you, you still have to deal with aging, sickness, death and loss of what you love and cherish. So, then what happens to your sense of worth and happiness when you encounter sickness and aging? It goes out the door.
When you encounter dissatisfaction, it’s important to stop looking at piles of rubbish, failed plans and hardships in the past. Leave what happened in the past, in the past. And stop expecting so much. Everything you need in life is right here, right now.

The great Persian poet and philosopher, Hafiz, asks:

“Where are you wanderer? Happiness has been going door to door looking for you.”

You can stop wandering and befriend happiness. Caress it, honor it, allow it to be your best friend. Train yourself to be loyal to this wonderful friend. No matter the justification, don’t let happiness out of your site and most of all protect it.  If you need to learn how you can take some courses or guidance from wise people and learn the skills of happy living.
With Love,
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