By Dr. Manijeh Motaghy – Founder and Guiding Teacher, Organizational Psychologist, UCLA Authorized Mindfulness Teacher, Trainer, and Coach.

October 6, 2021

Did you know your brain chooses your reactions before you even become aware that you have to react? For example, you react when a car gets too close on the road or when a neighbor doesn’t clean after their dog after walking it. You feel some activity in your face, body, then your mind says, how dare they, and march over to tell them off or shout out the window or hunk your horn to warn the car for being careless. The basis for this happens way before you become aware of the sensations, brain science suggests. The brain puts your body, mind, and feelings on that track before you feel any of it. This gives you a slight chance to be aware and even be Mindful of your feelings. It’s almost a predestined format.

I’ve been deep into writing my book for the past three months. I admit it has a life of its own. My training model has increasingly evolved and blossomed as I have been formulating the content for each chapter.
At first, I thought this was my approach to teaching, training, and coaching. The way I go about sending the message, improving people’s lives with unique flavors and tones of my cultural background, the subjects of my interest, the way I have synthesized all that I have learned.

As it turns out, it’s much more than that. It has developed into a robust verifiable modality and a powerful Life Intelligence model. The model is Optimizing Human Software in Five Stage. The basis is that we make up our human software through our unique interpretations of any situation. From the first breath we take, we are entirely dependent on adults and what we get is what we learn.

Our brain comes with sort of an empty software template. Then, each individual and their caretakers design its features and the meaning and purpose for those features. Each little information that comes in through the senses becomes the building blocks of the child’s template for life.

As it is a predicting machine, the brain keeps these building blocks of perception and conception to utilize the basis of understanding the world and responding to it. So, before you even think, “how dare they?” your brain positions you to gear up to act. It gets your body in motion, your mind aligned, and off you go, reacting. It also puts you on autopilot, so you don’t have to delay responding.

This is why Mindfulness of emotions is not enough to prevent you from reacting. You have to redesign those pieces of inaccurate information that have become the building blocks of your human software. These building blocks can change by understanding and aligning with the truth about the three dimensions of life, which I’m writing.

Please join us on the second Tuesday at our Connection-Hour: Nurturing a Global Wise Compassionate Beloved Community. I will be sharing some of my writings with participants.

We will also hear from Erick Cooley about Service and Community Health. Eric is featured in an Amazon Prime Documentary about Mindfulness.
I’m looking forward to hearing his presentation on Tuesday, Oct 12 @ 10 AM and 12:30 PM.