It All Adds Up:

I Set My Intention & Worked to Make It Happen!

July 30, 2019

By Dr. Manijeh Motaghy – Founder of Perfectly Here and Mindful Business Institute. Member of International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

Do you ever yearn for dropping everything and going away? To a far away land? A land where you would experience lots and lots of great things? Spiritual practice, fun, exotic culture, peacefulness,…?  I had yearned for a long time. My heart was filled with the intention of reaching the land of Ajahn Cha, one of the greatest Buddhist masters of this century. Ajahn Cha has millions of followers both in Thailand and all over the world. There are at least 300 monasteries in the world including in Western countries that started under his name and following his teachings. During his youth, Ajahn Cha was one of the few monks who left studying in a city monastery to practice meditation in the forest on his own, under the guidance of an austere Ajahn Mun. Eventually, Ajahn Cha became responsible for reviving the Buddha’s forest practice as the Buddha himself had practiced and became enlightened.

One Afternoon at Tea Time,

Sheepishly, I asked my teacher, Luang Por Pasanno, “Luang Por, when can we go to Thailand?” He suddenly burst into one of those long playful laughters and murmured, well, we are going for Ajahn Cha’s 100 year anniversary in January. “OMG, can we go too?” I asked, like a little child begging her father to take her to Disney Land, for the first time. He laughed again and said, “It’s going to be tough to find a place to stay. Hundreds of thousands of people will be visiting from all over the world. You should talk to those Thai ladies and figure out how you can go, where to stay, etc.” I followed his advice, set my intention, fiercely engaged my heart’s desire, convinced my best friend and first teacher, Daniel Davis, and off we went.

What an Amazing Experience.

Aside from the magnificent ceremonies, the bunch of us who had flown in from the States were so lucky as Luang Por Pasanno took us to all these fascinating temples. One more amazing and different from the other. It was truly like a dream come true. So much goodness, so much generosity, so color and life. Thailand has one the kindest people I have met anywhere. The food was always delicious. No matter what it was or where we had it.
And the most important for me was getting to finally see where the home of Ajahn Cha was, his village, his vast monastery and Wat Nanachat, the international monastery he built for his Western disciples.  Daniel and I were overjoyed for this blessing, this opportunity to visit the hometown and monastery of the master of our teachers who themselves are so highly revered. It was truly inspiring. So much so that caused Daniel move to Thailand. Found the love of his life and lives there happily.
As Daniel remains a very close wonderful friend and teacher for Perfectly Here we often have conversations about this kinds of opportunities for our students and other practitioners of Mindfulness who’s hearts search for meaning and truth, for deep respect, honor and connectedness. We thought to open a channel for you. Whoever you are. If your heart is yearning to go away and experience life and light, this maybe for you. You may even find out how to stay in those places and practice for some periods of time.

We Have Planned

An incredible 12 day journey. We’ve made it easy for you. All of your food, hotel, site tickets, transportation from one place to another, interpreter and visits are included and coordinated for you in advance. All you have to do is to get yourself there. We’ve kept the trip fees extremely low, close to cost so that no one is worried too much about that either. Accommodations are all very nice, even luxurious if you want it.
Daniel and I hope this trip brings delight to the one whose heart desires for it. You are welcome to accompany us. Space is limited so don’t delay. You have to check your passport, take some shots for going to Thailand and buy your flight tickets. So get on it now. Click Here to get more information and to sign up.